Boarding at Frensham

~ a 21st Century Learning Experience 

‘Frensham is a boarding school, not a school with boarders...’

Frensham is unique in Australia with more than seventy percent of the total school enrolment in residence. It is also the only Australian boarding school for girls programmed for a full day, seven days per week, with each age group’s needs and interests catered for differently. With many teachers and teacher-trained House staff resident on campus, all staff contribute to boarding life. By living on campus, students have the opportunity to be involved in the rich co-curricular programme on offer. 

The experience of boarding is integral to the unique environment of Frensham, where young women are educated for a lifelong commitment to learning, friendship and contribution to the community. Each student is encouraged to be active and compassionate in recognising the needs of others and to respond with generosity, leadership by example and integrity.

The magnificent setting of 140 hectares in the beautiful Southern Highlands offers proximity to Sydney and Canberra and easy access to country New South Wales. Full, Weekly and Day Boarding options accommodate both local and long-distance boarders, including those from interstate and overseas. 

Day Boarders (House members who are fully integrated into boarding life but do not sleep over) are encouraged to stay for after-dinner Prep and have assigned places in the Dining Room with Full and Weekly Boarders, should they wish to be at school for breakfast and dinner. 

As well as providing the opportunity for a strong sense of community to develop, and for values to be shared and reinforced, the boarding environment also provides substantial academic learning benefits including:

  • fixed study times 
  • extended access to learning resources 
  • evening workshops and tutorials 
  • Prep [homework] supervised by academic staff 
  • individual study plans supported by a teacher mentor
  • a culture of mutual support and encouragement

A full weekend programme means that weekends at School are a highlight for Frensham boarders. The programme is varied and contains interschool sport, activities led by senior students, theatre trips, excursions, arts activities and special studies support. The Library is open on weekends for senior students.

With very easy access to the international airport in Sydney, term travel for overseas boarders is coordinated by the School, in support of parent planning. Weekend hosting by local and regional families on Open Weekends is core to Frensham’s culture. Expatriate boarder numbers continue to increase, with parents wanting to secure a strong friendship and cultural base for their daughters in Australia, prior to consideration of tertiary options.

The full Frensham experience offers a strong sense of community through the values we share as we strive to achieve excellence in what we do, in a spirit of service, humility and contribution to our community and beyond.

Range Road

Telephone: +61 2 4860 2000

Girls: 250 boarders
within total roll of
340 students 

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