HSC Overview & Results 2016

The following is a preliminary analysis of Frensham’s Higher School Certificate results for Year 12, 2016 (as per 15 December 2016). Or download the document below: 

Frensham HSC 2016 Frensham HSC 2016 (280 KB)

FRENSHAM HSC 2016 – *Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank highlights:

  • 40-42% of Year 12 have achieved an ATAR above 90
  • ***20% of Year 12 have achieved an ATAR above 95***
  • over 72% have gained an ATAR above 80
  • over 87% have gained an ATAR above 70
  • Frensham’s median ATAR was 88.4, compared to the median ATAR for NSW girls of 71 (= half our cohort gained an ATAR over 88)
  • 34 Frensham students (62% compared to 10% in NSW) gained a top Band result in at least one course
  • Stephanie Markerink gained a Premier’s Award for her top Band results in all units studied
  • Extension studies were undertaken by 44% of Year 12 (extremely high %) [English, Mathematics, History, Languages are the only Extension courses offered]
  • Mathematics and Science-based subjects accounted for half the courses studied by Year 12 – taking mandatory English out of the calculation
  • Top in NSW ~ Design & Technology: Mimi Wylie 8th, Abbey O’Regan 10th
  • Top in NSW ~ Agriculture: Anna Horton 10th
  • 25% of HSC marks in all courses were 90 or above
  • 82% of HSC marks in all courses were 80 or above
  • Students were shortlisted for exhibition or performance in all areas: Design & Technology, Drama, Music and Visual Arts
* The Australia Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is not published to the School - results are calculated using professional software

FRENSHAM’s HSC cohort comprised 55 Year 12 students plus a group of accelerated Year 11 students who completed HSC subjects this year: Sophie Booth, Lucinda Chambers, Georgiana Kelleher and Kate Swan. 
 Distinguished Achievers are students with results in the top Band in a particular subject.
(Band 6 level - 90+/100 in 2 unit courses or E4 level - 45+/50 in Extension courses)
Alex Alker Visual Arts
Lucy Barrett Visual Arts
Lucy Begg Business Studies, Mathematics General 2, PDHPE
Airlie Blackman Design & Technology, Mathematics General 2, PDHPE, Visual Arts
Sophie Booth (Year 11) Chemistry
Bianca Campbell French Continuers (Year 11, 2015), English Advanced, Visual Arts, Latin Extension
Lucinda Chambers (Year 11) Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2
Madeleine Conomos Drama, Music 1, Visual Arts
Claudia Cruikshank Design & Technology, Mathematics Extension 2, Visual Arts
Rubyanna Edwards Design & Technology, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Visual Arts
Emily Fisher Design & Technology, PDHPE, Visual Arts
Isobelle Fox Mathematics General 2
Sabrina Graesser Mathematics General 2, PDHPE, Visual Arts
Jessica Herbert English Advanced, Mathematics Extension 2, Visual Arts
Sophie Hill French Continuers (Year 10, 2014), Visual Arts, History Extension
Anna Horton Agriculture, Mathematics General 2, Visual Arts
Georgiana Kelleher (Year 11) French Continuers
Emma Lambrechts Music 2
Stephanie Markerink Design & Technology, English Advanced, Mathematics General 2, Music 1, Visual Arts. Premier’s Award: ‘All-Round Achiever’
Kate Marsh Design & Technology, Visual Arts
Florance McGufficke PDHPE, Visual Arts
Eliza-Jane Middleton Drama, Mathematics General 2, PDHPE
Emily Newton PDHPE, Visual Arts
Abbey O’Regan Design & Technology, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Visual Arts
Mathilda Penton Drama, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Mathematics General 2
Cassandra Phillips Design & Technology
Isabella Prideaux English Extension 1, Visual Arts
Willa Robinson Design & Technology, Visual Arts
Zali Steiner Chemistry, Mathematics Extension 2
Andrea Tan Visual Arts
Amelia Vidler English Advanced, English Extension 1, Modern History, Visual Arts, Latin Extension
Mimi Wylie Design & Technology
Pia Wylie PDHPE, Visual Arts
Molly Young English Advanced, Mathematics


Year 12, 2016 have achieved at an extremely high level in all areas of School life, including: Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Gold level, Instrumental and Vocal Music, team Sport at IGSSA and Combined Independent School levels, Equestrian and Snowsports, Community Service, Mock Trial and Drama, and state and national competitions – in addition to their shared leadership of the School.

  • National Art School’s HSC Intensive Studio Practice (selective entry): Lucy Barrett, Bianca Campbell, Claudia Cruikshank, Emily Fisher, Sophie Hill, Florance McGufficke, Stephanie Markerink, Kate Marsh, Willa Robinson, Andrea Tan
  • Nominated for Encore (HSC Music Concert): Emma Lambrechts 
  • Nominated for ARTEXPRESS HSC Exhibition (Visual Arts): Lucy Barrett (selected), Airlie Blackman, Madeleine Conomos, Anna Horton (selected), Matilda Macqueen (selected), Stephanie Markerink, Florance McGufficke, Abbey O’Regan and Willa Robinson (selected)
  • Nominated for Shape HSC Exhibition (Design & Technology): Claudia Cruikshank, Abbey O’Regan, Willa Robinson, Mimi Wylie
  • Nominated for OnStage (HSC Drama Showcase): Eliza-Jane Middleton
  • National Youth Science Forum and one of six Australian student ambassadors to the International Youth Science Fair (Canada): Kate Swan (accelerated HSC Science) 
  • National Mathematics Summer School: Lucinda Chambers (accelerated HSC Mathematics)


  • Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: Alexandra Alker, Lucy Begg, Airlie Blackman, Claudia Cruikshank, Lily Dulhunty, Amber Fahey, Emily Fisher, Sabrina Graesser, Anna Horton, Olivia Lalak, Lucinda Macken, Jessica Mackenzie, Stephanie Markerink, Florance McGufficke, Victoria McMaster, Zali Steiner, Mia Wylie, Pia Wylie
  • IGSSA and Combined Independent Schools 2016: Emily Fisher (Cross Country, Athletics)
  • NSW Interschools Equestrian Championship: Olivia Lalak
  • Interschools Snowsports at National level: Mathilda Penton, Cassandra Phillips 
  • RAS Herdsmen’s Award (Show Cattle Team): Claudia Cruikshank, Florance McGufficke, Annabel Milling
  • AMEB Music Studies (2016) at Grade 6+ level or Suzuki equivalent: Lucy Barrett, Bianca Campbell, Sophie Claoué-Long, Madeleine Conomos, Amber Fahey, Sabrina Graesser, Emma Lambrechts, Phoebe Latimer, Stephanie Markerink, Kate Marsh, Victoria McMaster, Madeline Page, Eliza-Jane Middleton, Mathilda Penton, Cassandra Phillips, Lucy Powell, Jordan Shephard, Scarlett Strang, Andrea Tan, Amelia Vidler, Imogen Wungluck
  • Grand Prix finalist in the John Lamble Australasian Choral Championship (Frensham Madrigals): Lucy Barrett, Madeleine Conomos, Amber Fahey, Sabrina Graesser, Emma Lambrechts, Phoebe Latimer, Stephanie Markerink, Victoria McMaster, Cassandra Phillips, Jordan Shephard, Scarlett Strang, Amelia Vidler
  • Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award: Anna Horton
  • Early Entry offers to tertiary courses (by application) were made to 26 students ~ prior to the release of HSC results
  • UNSW Early Entry by Portfolio: Rubyanna Edwards, B Fine Arts; Imogen Wungluck, B Design; Mimi Wylie, B Design (Hons)
  • ANU – Spirit of Excellence Entrance (SEE) Scheme, Scholarship: Bianca Campbell 
  • Moran Prize (student photography), semi-finalists: Isabella Alderton, Victoria McMaster
  • Head On Photo Festival (student prize): Pia Wylie placed 2nd nationally
  • Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking Competition: Sophie Hill, regional finalist 
Congratulations Year 12, 2016