Girls Say ‘…’

Frensham girls lead all our tours for parents and families. After all, they have the best perspective on what it is actually like to go to school here. Here is what girls from across our school have to say about Frensham.

Year 7 say:

Frensham for me is a place that inspires and encourages and helps you to fulfil your dreams while having fun on the way.

I love:
  • Friday night games
  • Parcels from home
  • Mixing with older years
  • Having your own personal space and bed at School
  • Learning to be patient and organised

Year 9 say:

Frensham is special because it is a place where everyone can be themselves and we look out for each other.

I love:
  • Being 'all girls'
  • Singing as a whole school every morning
  • Respect
  • Laughter
  • There's always someone to talk to or to help – you are never alone.

Year 12 say

Although I am sad to leave friends, I am ready to leave school – and I know my friends here will be with me for life.

What I will remember:
  • Knowing it’s Spring when I would see a family of ducklings on the Red Bridge
  • Walking around the Centenary Trail before school
  • Setting up for sport in the mist on the Games Field early on Saturday mornings
  • Lying on the front lawn on my last Saturday night at Frensham with girls I have known for six years, singing and marvelling at the bright moon that outshone the stars
  • Skit nights, dress-up dinners, concerts, camps, discos, birthday waffles, Sunday ‘big breakfast’, 40 years on, socials, Carols by Candlelight, Birthday lunch, Christmas lunch, Father-Daughter Ball, Iris Country Fair, singing with the whole school every morning

Final words:
"The life of a boarder at Frensham offers a perfect balance of fun, friends and studies. The memories we make here will be cherished forever."

"We not only know that we ‘have to work’ but we ‘want to work to do our best."