Strategic Plan

Frensham Schools Strategic Plan 2023-2027


Frensham Schools* is global in focus and renowned for its enduring ‘values-in-action’ learning and living environment.

At the forefront of contemporary education – forward thinking, highly functioning and purposeful – the growth and wellbeing of our students are core to the Frensham Schools experience.

Research confirms that successful future-focused schools must be supported by a set of values.[1]

At Frensham Schools, a unique set of ideals developed by our founders has stood the test of time, and is as relevant today as in 1913[2].

Our Mission and Values are embedded in all that we do, guiding our operational thinking, our daily interactions, and our strategic planning.

The strategic priorities that follow, organise and guide planned actions to meet our shared goals in five key areas:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. People
  3. Culture
  4. Systems and Operations
  5. Governance

The key goal of a Frensham Schools values-based education is the development of character.

Students learn to apply these values to how they live, learn, lead and work, through the support of teachers and parents.

The School provides a spectacular living and learning environment, close to nature, juxtaposed with a contemporary setting and state-of-the-art facilities.

We proudly present the Frensham Schools Strategic Plan 2023-2027.

Geoff Marsh, Head of Frensham, Head of Frensham Schools
Edward Studdy, Chair of the Board of Frensham Schools

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*Frensham Schools (Frensham Junior School, Frensham and Sturt) is owned and operated by Winifred West Schools Ltd

[1] In her peer-acclaimed research into the future of schooling, Valerie Hannon, global thought leader and Senior Adviser to the OECD in its Education 2030 project, concluded there are three design principles that successful future-focused schools must have: 1. values, 2. an operational philosophy that demonstrates these values, 3. a learner experience that embeds these values.

[2] Winifred West established Frensham in 1913. We celebrate our 110th Year in 2023.

Each generation has its dreams of what the world might be... you are needed, your integrity is needed, your vitality is needed, and your dreams are needed... 
Winifred West, 1945

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