Strategic Priorities

Frensham Schools - Strategic Priorities 2018-2022

It is our great pleasure to present the Frensham Schools* Strategic Priorities for 2018-2022.

In a highly connected world of ever-increasing educational possibilities, Frensham Schools is moving beyond traditional structures and breaking new ground for Australian schools.

We want students to be ambitious academically in an environment that inspires intellectual growth, and to thrive in terms of character, leadership and wellbeing.

We remain committed to providing an educational experience where every student is known individually, and where we exceed expectations in meeting the professional needs of future-oriented teachers.

Our four Strategic Themes are:

  1. Teaching and Learning: Commitment to excellence – continually evaluating and developing our 'next practice' using a research-based approach
  2. People: School community engagement – challenging and inspiring each member to work with passion and commitment
  3. Culture: Innovation through creativity – developing a spirit of enquiry, a love of learning and the capacity to discern
  4. Operations and Governance: Environment and partnerships – inspiring teamwork, friendship, self-management and tolerance; developing links within and beyond our schools

The Priorities that follow, organise and guide planned actions to meet our shared goals. In our approach to improvement, we embrace the challenge to benchmark ourselves against national and global standards. We look forward to realising our vision in collaboration with all members of our community.

Ms Elizabeth Stuart, Chair of Frensham Schools
Ms Julie A Gillick, Head of Frensham, Head of Frensham Schools

A complete version of the text is available to download below:

Strategic Priorities 2018-2022 | PDF

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Winifred West, 1945

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