Teachers Say ‘…’

At Frensham, we prioritise recruitment and retention, and acknowledge that truly great schools are underpinned by outstanding teachers. Today’s students need teachers to prepare them for a rapidly changing world and the latest research continues to show that expert teachers make the greatest difference in students’ lives.

At Frensham, our teacher team inspires, mentors and coaches students, and provides additional support across the extended School day. In addition:

  • The curriculum is international in scope, flexible and progressive in its approach
  • The faculties and individual classrooms are well resourced
  • Differentiation of programmes, assessment and teaching strategies is well developed
  • Professional learning to improve practice is deeply embedded in the School culture

Each year our Foundation funds scholarships to support professional learning experiences for outstanding teachers. In keeping with our position as a world class school, staff represent Frensham nationally and internationally at courses and conferences.

Frensham has high educational and workplace expectations…and enthusiastic students who want to learn. That’s why 100% of staff would recommend a valued colleague to join our School.

The professionalism and support from both colleagues and staff leaders is fantastic. It's a dynamic learning environment.”

“You can make a difference here; learning is highly valued and happening.”

“Frensham is a school that challenges teachers to be professionals, and provides great experience to grow as an educator.”

“Love of learning is fostered by all - staff and students, working together and towards something purposeful and important.”

“Frensham is collegial, collaborative and progressive – with passionate and inspiring teachers and students with a willingness to learn.”

“The School supports excellence - quality teachers can flourish and extend themselves.”

“When working with like-minded dedicated teachers it continues to inspire me.”