Teachers Say ‘…’

Today’s students need teachers to prepare them for a rapidly changing world. Despite the challenges, the latest research continues to show that expert teachers still make the greatest difference in students’ lives.

With a curriculum that is international in scope, flexible and progressive in its approach to education and wellbeing, Frensham is moving beyond traditional structures and breaking new ground for Australian schools.

Cambridge International Examinations

Frensham students not only do well in Australia, but also on an international level.

In 2016, students achieved the highest grade in the Year 9 IGCSE Global Perspectives course.

On top of this, 59% of Frensham’s pilot AS Level General Paper class achieved an A grade – compared to just 19% of students in the Northern Hemisphere.

Based on these results and feedback from girls, the course is now a part of the Year 10 curriculum for all students.

Sturt cross-faculty projects

At Frensham, we include the Arts in our approach to STEM. Science and Technology interpreted through Engineering and the Arts – all based in elements of Mathematics – STE(A)M.

Frensham is moving beyond traditional structures and breaking new ground for Australian schools. A recent example is the establishment of the Frensham Drone Academy.

We urge students to be innovative and entrepreneurial, in response to ever changing opportunities to develop their creative, technological and collaborative skills.

Adjacent to the Frensham Campus, Sturt plays an essential role in a Frensham education. Sturt is a contemporary world-class centre for design, technology and the arts. The Design and Fabrication Studios form a creative hub where our expert teachers lead courses in digital design and fabrication, supported by the latest technologies.

Fitness, Health and Wellbeing

Health and fitness is a pressing and complex problem in the broader community. Frensham Teachers consult with expert health professionals to determine the best ways to address the serious and sensitive issues that affect the health and wellbeing of teenagers today.