Head’s Welcome

Mr Geoff Marsh, Head of Frensham & Head of Frensham Schools

Welcome to Frensham

Established by Winifred West in 1913, Frensham is one of Australia's most respected independent boarding and day schools for girls with a long and deep history, into the future, inspiring our students to be critical, ethical and flexible thinkers, positioned to be future leaders in our complex and rapidly changing world.

Frensham is outward-looking and forward-thinking, with our team of passionate and dedicated staff working as a highly professional team, taking time to consider and support each girl’s individual learning, growth and development as an independent, empowered young person.

Our belief that students rise to the intellectual life around them nurtures a culture designed to inspire intellectual and emotional growth and maturity and helps every student to thrive.

In an inspiring living and learning environment, surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty, girls are challenged and supported to develop the skills and the motivation to contribute positively to their local and global community. They are taught to value kindness, resilience, empathy and compassion, and to carry these alongside the School’s core values with them for life.

Lifelong firm friendships are formed through living and learning in residence, and girls are inspired and supported to work together to embrace and overcome challenges, and to celebrate each other’s achievements. This sense of community shapes the character of the School and of our students. Success is measured in the way girls carry themselves beyond school – with a confident, courageous and generous spirit.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to Frensham to explore the possibilities for your daughter.

Geoff Marsh
Head of Frensham