Head’s Welcome

Welcome to Frensham!

I love what is expected of Frensham students, aligned to core values of service, integrity, contribution and leadership, built on self-management. I love the freedom to pursue world’s best practice with outstanding teachers. Importantly, Frensham is a school where each girl is known. With staff working as a highly professional team, time is taken to consider and support each girl’s growth on an individual, personal basis.

Frensham is an outward-looking and forward-thinking boarding and day school. Established by Winifred West in 1913, today, Frensham is one of Australia's most respected independent schools for girls.

In a spectacular living and learning environment, girls are challenged and supported to develop the skills and the willingness to make a positive difference in the world.

Frensham students are encouraged to make a real difference in the world. They are taught to value kindness and resilience, and to carry these attributes with them for life.

Living in residence, students form strong, lifelong friendships. They are inspired and supported to work together to embrace and overcome challenges, and to celebrate each other’s achievements.

It is this sense of community that shapes the School’s character – and the character of our students. Success is measured in the way girls carry themselves beyond school – with a courageous and generous spirit.

We want students to thrive. With the belief that students rise to the intellectual life around them, Frensham creates a culture designed to inspire intellectual and emotional growth in maturity.

Our curriculum is personalised and flexible, and we benchmark our academic outcomes for students and the School against global standards.

Frensham girls are inspired to be confident and respectful, curious, creative and grounded.

In a highly connected world of unlimited educational possibilities, Frensham is moving beyond traditional structures and breaking new ground for Australian schools. We want students to be ambitious academically in an environment that inspires intellectual growth and to thrive in terms of character, leadership and wellbeing. In our approach to improvement, we embrace the challenge to benchmark ourselves against national and global standards.

Julie Gillick, M Ed Admin, B Ed, MACE
Head of Frensham