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Introduce your family to Frensham

Head’s Tour

Head's Tour of Frensham

On the last Saturday in August, the School holds its Head’s Tour. This is an opportunity to meet Geoff Marsh, the Head of Frensham Schools, and to chat with students, members of the School’s leadership team and teachers. 

Following light refreshments in the Dining Room, the Head of Frensham will lead an information session before senior staff and students show families around the School. Adding to the day, the HSC Visual Arts and Design and Technology exhibitions will also be on show.

Head's Tour 2024 is on Saturday 31 August, 1.00pm-3.00pm

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Parent Information Sessions

Throughout the year, the Head of Frensham invites parents who may be interested in a Frensham education for their daughters to a series of functions where they can meet the Head and senior Frensham staff along with local members of the Frensham community.

For more information on Frensham Parent Functions or Open Days, please email

Walk the campus grounds

For your first visit to Frensham, the School offers student-led tours as a way for you and your daughter to find out about day-to-day life here.

To organise a Tour, please follow the link below or email

Student-led Tours

Sleepovers (Sample Boarding)

Sample Boarding

We offer prospective boarders who are currently in Year 5, the unique opportunity to find out what it’s like to be a ‘real boarder’ in a Junior House here at Frensham.

Starting on a Thursday evening in Term 3, prospective boarders will:

  • Join Years 11 and 12 boarders for dinner in the Dining room
  • Spend the night in a Boarding House – getting a feel for the bedtime routines here
  • Enjoy a big breakfast the next morning
  • Then spend the day attending classes and fun activities – including a tour of Holt Farm, Sturt and the Games Field.

Parents are welcome too
When the girls arrive, parents are invited to join us for an Information Evening, enjoying a tea or coffee, and getting to know other parents and some of our teachers and senior girls.

In 2024, Sample Boarding will be held on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September.

For more information, please email Carole McCormick on or call (02) 4860 2104.

Frensham Open Day

Open Day Tour

Each year, the School holds an Open Day on the first Saturday in March (last day of February in a leap year). It is a highlight in our calendar and an opportunity to meet and chat with students, teachers and parents.

With the entire school in attendance, we hold classes and performances throughout the afternoon, and lunch is offered in the Dining Room.

Head of Frensham leads a formal information session in Clubbe Hall, while students are happy to take you on tours of the campus and answer questions about life at Frensham.