Frensham Fellowship

Frensham Fellowship was established in 1918 to act as a link between past and present girls and to help to carry on the school ideals of Love and Service into the outside world. It was recognised that beyond the school it was more difficult to be idealistic. The name aptly implies the scope of members' work, to keep the ideals of the school in the minds of girls who have left, to encourage them to take up some definite work, to help any good cause that needs assistance, and to encourage members to keep up with current thought.

Membership of the Fellowship is open to past students, and staff, with honorary membership offered on occasion for community members considered to have served Fellowship to an outstanding level.

With their main object ‘work’, girls and staff are inspired to join not for what they can get, but for what they can give.

Fellowship’s network is global and membership is for life.

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Pictured, Fellowship Committee 2020/2021 (L-R) – Back Row: Susie Arnott (Margaret Taylor, 1959), Annabel White (1983) - Treasurer, Annette O'Connell (Moxon, 1983), Cath Brennan (Cathryn Raynolds, 1979), Lou McMichael (Louise Cowlishaw, 1969), Kate Waldren (Katrina Herbert, 1990) – Secretary. Front Row: Kate Boyle (Ellice-Flint, 2003), Pook Austin (Alison Cameron, 1968) - President, Ingrid Ridge (Merrett, 1984), Liz Hunter (Elizabeth Aylmer, 1980) - Vice President, Julia Laverty (Forbes, 1980). Absent: Sam Kennedy (Samantha Greig, 1991)


Mrs Pook Austin (Alison Cameron, 1968)
Fellowship President
PO Box 34 Mittagong
NSW 2575 Australia
P: +61 2 4860 2000

Sarah-Jane Holden (Hyles, 1973)
9 Parkside Avenue
Wimbledon SW19 5ES
United Kingdom
P: +44 2 0894 41396

Mrs Jackie Dalton
Fellowship Liaison Officer
PO Box 34 Mittagong
NSW 2575 Australia