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10 Years On Reunion

This past weekend, Frensham welcomed back the Class of 2013 to celebrate their ten-year reunion. Over 40 members of the cohort, and their families, gathered at Frensham to reminisce on their time at School.

The reunion programme included attendance at School Service, a student led tour of the Campus and a welcome morning tea with the Head of Frensham and Head of Frensham Schools - Ms Sarah McGarry, with many of the Frensham teaching staff who had taught the girls dropping in to say “hello”.

A special highlight was certainly seeing the Class stand with current students of Frensham to sing the Lord’s Prayer at School Service.

Thanks must be made to Class of 2013 Fellowship Representative, Ms Emma Murphy, for her work in coordinating the celebrations. It was a great weekend for Fellowship.

Fellowship Cookbook

The Fellowship Committee are excited to announce one of its many initiatives for the year, a Frensham Fellowship Cookbook.

The cookbook is designed to share treasured recipes among Fellowship and connect members via food.

The Committee would like to call on Fellowship Members who may wish to volunteer their time and expertise to be a member of the Frensham Fellowship Cookbook subcommittee. Please register your interest by sending an email to fellowship@frensham.nsw.edu.au

2023 Fellowship Calendar

  • Friday 28 April: 50 Years On: Class of 1973
  • Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 May: 60 Years On: Class of 1963 & 61 Years On: Class of 1962   
    Year 8 Parent Weekend                                                                        
  • Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 June: 5 Years On: Class of 2018 & 70 Years On (1953) 
    Frensham 110th Birthday,Year 12 Parent Weekend
  • Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 August: 30 Years On: Class of 1993          
    Year 10 Parent Weekend
  • Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 August: 40 Years On: Class of 1983
    Head’s Tour of Frensham, Year 9 Parent Weekend


  • Wednesday 7 June: Fellowship Annual General Meeting                                    
  • Thursday 21 September: Year 12 Fellowship Breakfast Service, Class of 2023  
  • Friday 17 November: Frensham Fellowship Cocktail Party           
  • Saturday 18 November: Frensham Iris Country Fair                       

Frensham Fellowship News

We encourage all members to send through any news and photos they may wish to share with Fellowship to fellowship@frensham.nsw.edu.au.

For more information on any aspect of Fellowship’s work, please contact:

Mrs Penelope Ellice-Flint
Fellowship Liaison
02 4860 2000

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