The Winifred West Legacy


For the Frensham stories yet to be told

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The Winifred West Legacy Bequest brochure

Introducing The Winifred West Legacy

Frensham Schools has a strong history, much of which has been enabled by the far-sighted generosity of others. We are now building on this tradition by forming our inaugural Bequest group, The Winifred West Legacy.

Importantly, The Winifred West Legacy acknowledges the long history of bequest gifts to the School; and formalises that by bringing people together as a group

It was unanimous that the Legacy should be named after Winifred West. She was a remarkable and courageous woman who encouraged each student to be active and compassionate in recognising the needs of others, responding with generosity and integrity, and leading by example. These are all qualities that we see at the core of The Winifred West Legacy.

In order to help strengthen our School in the years ahead, we warmly encourage Old Girls, family and friends to consider joining our bequest group—to become a ‘Custodian’ of The Winifred West Legacy.

As well as an annual luncheon for our Custodians of The Winifred West Legacy—primarily to say a sincere ‘thank you’ from the School, we also invite our Custodians to other events throughout the year. There are no membership fees or regulations, and Custodianship can be anonymous if preferred.

For more information about The Winifred West Legacy, or to discuss your Bequest plans, please contact Ms Jackie Dalton, Director of Philanthropy, on: +61 2 4860 2000 or