Why I joined

The Power of a Bequest

... She who comes keen and eager to help, who gives out the best that is in her, increases the school's power for good and receives back her gift with interest. Give yourself." Winifred West, 1 June 1918

Importantly, the power of a Bequest is significant:

  • First, it is a very special gift that provides an enduring way of strengthening Frensham Schools into the future, while having no effect on your financial needs during your lifetime.
  • Second, for many Old Girls, and for family and friends who have a strong connection to the School, a Bequest is the easiest way to make a truly lasting gift that will support students who are yet to come.
  • Finally, the gift of a Bequest provides our Winifred West Legacy Custodians with the opportunity to say thank you to the School that has played such a big part in their lives.

Bequests should be left to Winifred West Schools Foundation—ideally, for use at its own discretion. These unencumbered gifts provide Foundation with the flexibility to direct funds to projects that the Board of Governors and the Head of Frensham Schools feel are in greatest need.

Bequests can also be made in support of specific areas of the School's operation such as bursaries or building projects, or other areas of specific interest. If this appeals to you, we encourage you to have a confidential conversation with our Director of Philanthropy, Ms Jackie Dalton.

So who belongs?

The Winifred West Legacy honours and recognises those individuals who—during their lifetime—have decided to create a gift in their Will to Foundation.

The Legacy also seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the vital role these people will play in supporting excellence in education at Frensham Schools.

Accordingly, becoming a Custodian of The Winifred West Legacy is open to anyone who makes a Bequest to Winifred West Schools Foundation—for the benefit of the School.

We appreciate that you may already have a Will in place, and we understand that family comes first. However, once you are happy that your family’s needs are provided for, you may like to consider leaving a gift to Frensham Schools through your Will.

Why I joined

Here is what some of our Custodians said about why they became part of The Winifred West Legacy …

Cathy Mathews (1969)

I have been a member of the WWS community for over 55 years, taking delight in the positive progress I’ve witnessed in many diverse areas of the life of the Schools. 

As a student, I vividly remember the excitement of Clubbe Hall being built, provided for by past members of the WWS family.  When recently renewing my Will and my Bequest to WWS, I felt great comfort in knowing my contribution will help in some way to ensure the Schools’ future development.

My three daughters and I, and now my granddaughter, have received so much from the dedicated staff and facilities during our years at WWS, and I believe it is our responsibility to help provide for future students to enjoy the same facilities as we did. 

If we all contribute to our unique WWS community in our Wills, we are forever involved in a positive and enduring legacy for future girls.

Tony & Sue Morrison (Bragg, 1960)

Tony & Sue Morrison (Bragg, 1960)

My husband, Tony, and I are delighted to join The Winifred West Legacy. My family connection with Frensham goes back four generations: my two aunts in the days of Miss West; my sister Pru and I in the ‘50s; our two girls in the ‘70s; and our two granddaughters.

Frensham has changed—through ambitious building projects; and academically, where Frensham has made giant strides. 

While results are paramount, extracurricular activities such as Sport, Art and Music add balance. Frensham singing still sends goose bumps up my spine, and those magnificent plays are fantastic.

But Frensham is more than that. It’s the ‘X’ factor, the ‘I don’t know what’, the ‘je ne sais quoi’—the amazing ‘something’ that is born in its beautiful bush setting, in Clubbe Hall, Sturt and the Holt: ‘In Love Serve One Another’, builds enduring friendships, commitment, and character that last a lifetime. 

I see the Legacy as a good opportunity for us to give back to the School that has given us so much.

Geraldine Kenway (1958)

Frensham gave me the gift of self-confidence, a love of learning and a freedom of spirit which set me off on a wonderful life of adventure and discovery. A Testamentary Bequest to Winifred West Schools Foundation is my 'thank you'. And I really mean it!