Livestock Enterprise

Foundation Livestock Enterprise... supporting rural enrolments

The Livestock Enterprise’s objective

To raise funds to support the enrolments of girls from rural families, via Foundation’s Bursary Fund,  who would not otherwise be able to give their daughter a Frensham education

The Livestock Enterprise – a remarkable collaboration

In the beginning (2014) ……

  • Urban dwellers contributed cash
  • That was then spent on stock – cattle and sheep
  • That were then agisted by our farmers

The grass was growing and the market was running hot. The project made good money until the drought hit so there was no activity in 2019/2020.

The drought is now over for most of our farmers, the grass is growing again and the Livestock Enterprise is back in business.

Supporting rural enrolments

The success of the initial stage of the Livestock Enterprise resulted in a $200,000 contribution to Foundation’s Bursary Fund – an outstanding result

The support of Host farmers is critical

New Hosts are urgently needed.

The scheme is simple

  • Host farmers take a minimum number of stock – 5 cattle or 25 sheep
  • WWSF pays for the stock. Donations of stock are also gratefully received
  • The stock is managed by the Host in the normal course of their business
  • All transactions are processed by Jim Hindmarsh & Son who generously support WWSF, charging no commission
  • The proceeds of sale are then returned to Foundation.

Not a Farmer – make a cash donation with potential for growth

A donation to the Livestock Enterprise will go towards the purchase of new stock and the value of that investment will grow as the stock grow. Returns have been between 50% and 100%.

Non farmers donating coupled with the contribution by our Host farmers hosting is the collaboration that makes this project so exciting and successful – and you can play your part!

Donation form and request for Host Information package below...