Livestock Enterprise

Foundation Livestock Enterprise... supporting rural enrolments

The Cattle Herd – the start of a remarkable collaboration

In 2014, the Winifred West Schools Foundation (WWSF) developed the Cattle Herd Project. Starting with a herd of 40 cattle, the total number hosted from 2014 to the end of 2017 was 397. During that time 43 rural families and friends of the School have hosted cattle – many for several years and some every year – and the value of the Herd has increased significantly.

In addition to the contribution of our Host farmers, the success of the project is also contingent upon donations from all of us, to fund stock purchases.

Dividend after four years – supporting rural enrolments

The innovative and collaborative Cattle Herd project has been so successful that, at the end of 2017, it was in a position to donate $100,000 to the WWSF Scholarship Fund for the support of rural enrolments.

A change of name – welcoming sheep into the fold

In 2017 sheep farmers were invited to participate which precipitated a name change to the Livestock Enterprise. Our sheep farmers expressed a desire to get involved and we look forward to working with them as we build the Livestock Enterprise.

As we maintain and increase the value of the Livestock Enterprise, with our community’s continued support, it can continue to fulfil its objective of providing a sustainable income stream which can, in turn, be used to support rural enrolments.

More Hosts are needed to maintain the momentum
Not a farmer? Donations help pay for Livestock

Foundation pays for the stock – but needs your expertise

The contribution by Hosts to date represents an amazing level of support from our farming community but, with funds currently available to invest in new purchases, the Livestock Enterprise needs more Hosts.

The scheme is simple:

  • Host Farmers take a minimum number of livestock – 5 cattle or 25 sheep.
  • WWSF pays for the stock. Donations of stock are also gratefully received.
  • The stock is managed by the Host in the normal course of their business.
  • All transactions are processed by MacCallum Inglis, who generously support the Livestock Enterprise.
  • The proceeds of sale are then returned to the WWS Foundation.

To request a Host Information Pack or to donate, please complete the form below.

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