The Darville Family Scholarship

Year 11, 2024 - Year 12, 2025

Frensham’s first ever named Scholarship—The Darville Family Scholarship (Mathematics-Science)—was established in 2019.

This Scholarship gift was created by a grateful family who wanted to give back, as well as being in recognition of the great success that Courtney Darville is achieving in her career after school, largely due to her education at Frensham.

The student who is currently attending Frensham and benefiting from the Darville Scholarship, excels academically across the board, particularly in Mathematics and Science. She has formed close friendships with her academic peers and has shown herself to be a great contributor in all aspects of school life here at Frensham.

The Darville Family Scholarship (Mathematics-Science) will next be offered to a student commencing Year 11 in 2024, who has demonstrated strong academic merit, has a passion for Mathematics and Science, and who is considering undertaking tertiary studies in one or both of these disciplines. In addition, the successful applicant will be committed to the ideals of the School and have shown a strong capacity for involvement, the pursuit of excellence, and the heartfelt willingness to contribute to the welfare of others. 

For more information, please see Scholarships page or contact our Registrar, Ms Carole McCormick –