The Elizabeth Pilcher (Causwell) Scholarship

Year 7, 2027 - Year 12, 2032

Elizabeth Pilcher (later Causwell) completed her schooling at Frensham in 1937.

The following year, Elizabeth began architecture studies at the University of Sydney and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1945.

Elizabeth was both courageous and adventurous—qualities strongly encouraged in Frensham girls by Winifred West. Accordingly, after finishing her studies in 1945, Elizabeth spent some time travelling. She then went on to complete studies at Harvard University, as well as a two-year post-graduate course in town planning at the Edinburgh College of Art in 1952.

In December 1958, a prominent Canadian architectural firm, Green Blankstein Russell (GBR), brought Elizabeth from Sydney to Winnipeg, Canada, as Chief of their planning department—possibly the first person to hold such a position in a private architecture firm in Canada. 

Elizabeth’s architectural endeavours created a lasting mark on the built landscape of Canada.

Elizabeth made a generous Bequest gift to Frensham in her Will. This Bequest is directed to girls who need financial assistance in order to attend Frensham. Accordingly, this is a means-tested Scholarship.

In seeking a student to benefit from the Pilcher Scholarship, we look for someone who has the potential to grow and contribute to the School, through their academic, creative, sporting or leadership pursuits.

We look for a student whose emerging strengths can be developed, while making a contribution to the life of the School and adding further to the diversity of the student body.

The first student on the Pilcher Scholarship will complete Year 12 at Frensham in 2026. It is anticipated that the Scholarship will next go to a student who will enrol at Frensham in Year 7, 2027.

For more information, please see Scholarships page or contact our Registrar, Ms Carole McCormick –