Awards & Achievements

Awards 2019

GIRDLE Recipients

Isabella Allen – Service (Forum) (T3)

Harriet Darvall – Service (Forum) (T3)

Joanna Hicks – Concert Band (T3)

Sophie Sheehan – Netball (T3)

Alexandra Hill – Music (T3) 

Emily Gubbins – Sport (T3)

Miranda McGufficke – Service to Holt Farm (T3)

Lucy Hayes – Swimming (T2)

Gina McGinnis – Community Service (T2)

Sarah Jancewicz – Music (T2)

Olivia Swires – Service – Clubbe Hall (T2)

India Shead – Public Speaking (T2)

Adelaide Darvall – Drama (T2)

Georgia Kelleher – Academic Excellence (T1)

Georgie Tooth – Cross Country (T1)

Savanah Gillies – Tennis (T1)

Holly Webster – Singing (T1)

Phoebe O’Connell – Sport (T1)

Harriet Taylor – Visual Arts (T1)

Charlotte Lalak – Equestrian (T1)

Harper Northam – English (T1)

IRIS Recipients

Georgia Kelleher – Academic Excellence (T3)

Charlotte Lalak – Equestrian (T2)

Imogen Senior – Academic Excellence and Service (T2)

Elvira Berzins – Academic Excellence (T2)

Scholarships – Music & Art

Announced at Friday Prayers, 7 December 2018

Virginia Cuppaidge Scholarship (Visual Arts)
Alice Battcock (HSC 2018)

Ruby Mowle Scholarship (Music Tuition)
Sarah Jancewicz (Year 12, 2019)

Roma Dix Scholarship (Musicianship)
Elvira Berzins (Year 12, 2019)

Awards 2018

GIRDLE Recipients

Kora Fripp (Year 11) – Service (T4)

Hayley Hunter (Year 11) – Service (T4)

Adele Bouniol-Laffont (Year 11) – French (T4)

Elvira Berzins (Year 11) – Music (T4)

Imogen Senior (Year 11) – Academic Excellence (T4)

Katchmirr Russell – Public Speaking and Writing (T3)

April Stokman – Equestrian (T3)

Tara Penton – Snowsports (T3)

Catherine Talbot – Snowsports (T3)

Isabella Harris – English (T2)

Alice Battcock – Visual Arts (T2)

Gabrielle Steiner – Mathematics (T2)

Lucy Brigstocke – Service to Music (T2)

Chloe Hickson – Community Service (T2)

Caroline Gotterson – Drama (T1)

Isabella Camilleri – Endeavour (T1)

Sabrina Stephenson – Service (T1)

Tara Penton – Music Performance (T1)

Antoinette Inglis – Cross Country (T1)

IRIS Recipients

Gabrielle Steiner – All Round Excellence (T3)

Caroline Gotterson – Drama (T3)

Chloe Hickson – Service to the Life of the School (T3)

Isabella Camilleri – Service (T3)

Antoinette Inglis – Cross Country (T3)

Harriet Alker – Sport (T2)

Ella Pratt – Academic Excellence (T2)

Georgia Richardson – Music (T2)

Music Scholarships

Announced at Friday Prayers, 8 December 2017

Ruby Mowle Scholarship (Music Tuition)
Nina Jephcott (Year 12, 2018)

Roma Dix Scholarship (Musicianship)
Georgia Richardson (Year 12, 2018)