Awards & Achievements

Awards 2018

GIRDLE Recipients

Kora Fripp (Year 11) – Service (T4)

Hayley Hunter (Year 11) – Service (T4)

Adele Bouniol-Laffont (Year 11) – French (T4)

Elvira Berzins (Year 11) – Music (T4)

Imogen Senior (Year 11) – Academic Excellence (T4)

Katchmirr Russell – Public Speaking and Writing (T3)

April Stokman – Equestrian (T3)

Tara Penton – Snowsports (T3)

Catherine Talbot – Snowsports (T3)

Isabella Harris – English (T2)

Alice Battcock – Visual Arts (T2)

Gabrielle Steiner – Mathematics (T2)

Lucy Brigstocke – Service to Music (T2)

Chloe Hickson – Community Service (T2)

Caroline Gotterson – Drama (T1)

Isabella Camilleri – Endeavour (T1)

Sabrina Stephenson – Service (T1)

Tara Penton – Music Performance (T1)

Antoinette Inglis – Cross Country (T1)

IRIS Recipients

Gabrielle Steiner – All Round Excellence (T3)

Caroline Gotterson – Drama (T3)

Chloe Hickson – Service to the Life of the School (T3)

Isabella Camilleri – Service (T3)

Antoinette Inglis – Cross Country (T3)

Harriet Alker – Sport (T2)

Ella Pratt – Academic Excellence (T2)

Georgia Richardson – Music (T2)

Scholarships – Music & Art

Announced at Friday Prayers, 7 December

Virginia Cuppaidge Scholarship (Visual Arts)
Alice Battcock (Year 12)

Ruby Mowle Scholarship (Music Tuition)
Sarah Jancewicz (Year 11)

Roma Dix Scholarship (Musicianship)
Elvira Berzins (Year 11)

Awards 2017

GIRDLE Recipients

Harriet Alker – Sport (T4)

Ella Pratt – Academic Excellence (T4)

Kate Coupland – Academic Endeavour (T4)

Georgia Richardson – Music (T4)

Nina Jephcott – Music Performance (T4)

Desiree Chan (Year 11) – French (T4)

Georgina Fuller – Art and Design (T3)

Annabel Preston – Service (Photography) (T3)

Skyla Harris – History (T3)

Emily Ives – Sport (T3)

Imogen Ryan – Endeavour (T3)

Róisín Spencer – Service to Music (T2)

Laura Gardner – Contribution to the Life of the School (T2)

Sarah Hassett – Innovation and Technology (T2)

Emily Cooke – Service to the Life of the School (T2)

Matilda Martin – Visual Arts (T2)

Chloe McCrabb – Sport (T2)

Susannah Watson – Music Theatre (T2)

Thea Horsley – Equestrian (T2)

Natasha Long – Academic Excellence (T2)

Georgiana Kelleher – French (T1)

Mia Withers – Show Cattle (T1)

Ellie Ireson – Show Cattle (T1)

Arabella McKenzie – Sport (T1)

Charlotte Bernays – Music (T1)

IRIS Recipients

Susannah Watson
Service to the Life of the School (T3)

Olivia Barton
Equestrian (T3)

Susan Chen
Academic Excellence (T3)

Liana Berzins
Academic Excellence (T2)

Lucinda Chambers
All Round Excellence (T2)

Music Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to Year 11 students at Final Prayers for the year's tuition in Year 12. For 2017, scholarships recipients are:

  • Nina Jephcott – Ruby Mowle Scholarship
  • Georgia Richardson – Roma Dix Scholarship for Musicianship

Permanent Art Collection

2017 Frensham Permanent Art Collections are photography works by Year 11 students:

Photograph by Isabella Camelleri

Isabella Camilleri

Photograph by Nina Jephcott

Nina Jephcott

Photograph by Georgia Richardson

Georgia Richardson