Year 12 Reflection and Celebration

As Year 12 approach their final “sprint” as they enter the home stretch, we have been reflecting upon and celebrating their growth and contribution as the leaders of the School this year. In the myriad celebrations outlined by Ms Tynan later in this newsletter, we have expressed our gratitude for the way in which the Class of 2022 have reinvigorated the enthusiasm and spirit of the student body as school life has emerged from COVID-19 restrictions. We thank all Year 12 students for their efforts and wish them the very best for their upcoming study period ahead of HSC Examinations commencing on 12 October.

Wednesday morning’s Fellowship Breakfast and Service was a very special occasion, celebrating Year 12 students’ first day as members of Fellowship – and sincere thanks to the Fellowship Committee members who were able to join us in person and via Zoom for the Service. Wednesday afternoon’s Leadership Induction Service then saw the gracious handover of leadership from the Class of 2022 to the Class of 2023, and we look forward to working with all Year 12 students in their respective leadership portfolios from the beginning of Term 4.

It was so exciting to see the generous support of our extended Frensham Schools community through Tuesday’s inaugural Giving Day in support of Winifred West Schools Foundation’s Bursary Fund. Our thanks go to our Foundation Board, Director of Philanthropy Mrs Jackie Dalton, our willing volunteers and generous donors for the extraordinary effort, raising over $460,000 in just 24 hours. With 100% of the funds raised to be directed towards the Bursary Fund, work is now underway to determine the way in which this will be distributed for maximum impact. I look forward to sharing this information with our community at Final Prayers in Term 4.

Giving Day at Frensham on Tuesday 20 September

We thank all staff for their work this term and wish all Frensham Schools students, staff and a restful and restorative vacation period ahead.

Ranier Uniform Shop – Opening Hours and Additional Trading Day

The Ranier Uniform Shop will be open on Wednesday 5 October 12.00pm – 5.00pm for fitting appointments and over the counter purchases.

If you require a fitting, please book your appointment via the Ranier website:

Term 4 regular hours resume: Monday 10 October (12pm-5pm)

Spring Break

As we approach the Spring holiday, I am sure that everyone is ready for some time to relax after a busy term of learning inside and outside the classroom. This week, I was reflecting on what things looked like this time last year and I was filled with a sense of gratitude for being able to do ‘normal things’, things that we had taken for granted in years prior to the pandemic that were postponed or modified. This year however, we have been able to celebrate, and the best part is that we have been able to do it together, as a community.

Welcoming Sample Boarder and Sample High School participants to Frensham was an instructive and fun experience for the girls and their families. The Year 10 helpers and Year 12 students who were involved in the evening and day were a true representation of who we are as a school; the Year 5 students reflected on how everyone was encouraging, how fun it was to make new friends and how much they enjoyed their lessons and activities. Thank you to the staff and students involved.

At Gib Gate, being able to have students and staff share in experiences like the Year 6 Legacy of Leaders presentation was a wonderful insight into the hard work and dedication that Year 6 students have shown this term. Similarly, a few weeks ago, it was wonderful to be able to share in Book Week celebrations and parades across the school. Sharing in learning is an integral part of the culture at Frensham Schools and being able to experience it with our community is something to be treasured.

At Frensham, we have had the privilege of a series of events where we have been able to celebrate the term, as well as begin farewell celebrations for the Class of 2022. Harry Potter night saw the Dining Room decorated like Hogwarts and the students dressed up as many of the characters, exhibiting impressive creativity, flair and good humour.

The Hockey Grand Final was a hard-fought match and although Frensham were not the winners on the day, the girls showed sportsmanship, perseverance, and grace. Skit night was a success, as was the very first Frensham Colour Run! Seeing the girls, especially Year 12, enjoying themselves, laughing, smiling, and having fun with each other and the girls across the year groups, is something that highlights their true sense of spirit and enjoyment. This week, the Jazz Band performing on the steps of the Deer Pond was a highlight, as were the farewell events for Year 12. I am immensely proud of the resilience, the tenacity and the grit that our girls have shown this term across all areas of their schooling – lessons, assessments, sport, music, drama, and more.

The Spring holiday is a great opportunity to reflect on the term that has been. Perhaps when thinking on the past term, you could ask your daughters and sons:

  • What have you learnt this term, both in the academic arena and about themselves as an individual?
  • What have they identified as a of their strengths this term?
  • What have they found challenging and how did they overcome it?
  • What they are proud of themselves for this term?
  • How have they developed their compassion?
  • Have they grown in unexpected areas?
  • Have they worked on empathy?
  • Have they learnt to collaborate in a different way?

Reflection is an essential way for us to think about what is going well and what might need some development. Acknowledgement of our own journey allows students and adults alike to set goals to work towards whilst, with support, striving to improve themselves in their areas for growth. It is important this term that we have a strengths-based view on what we have achieved rather than a deficit view of what we have not achieved.

I wish you a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful break. I look forward to seeing the Gib Gate students and Frensham girls back next term, rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for another term of adventures together.

Ms Sarah Tynan, Deputy Head


Frensham was awash with colour on Sunday at our inaugural Colour Run. What better way to finish a term than with smiling faces, laughter and a complete sense of community and fun. Frensham was transformed with obstacles and colour powder stations that all culminated in a barbeque lunch for all to enjoy together. It was a magical way to finish the weekend.

For the final Friday night activity for Year 12, the weekend started with Harry Potter Night. Everyone dressed up, the Dining Room was transformed into The Great Hall (complete with floating candles) by Voldemort, Umbridge and Moaning Myrtle, there was even an appearance of Professor Albus Dumbledore himself! Saturday began with sports trials and concluded with Skit Night where each year group performed a skit for Year 12, celebrating their last Closed Weekend. The weekend was filled with so many wonderful activities providing the opportunity to make lasting memories together. 

The previous weekend was also a success with 40 Day, Weekly and Full Boarders attending the Luna Park excursion – by all accounts it was enjoyed by all who attended. I remind you to review the Boarding Schoolbox page regularly, here you can find useful information about Boarding and also posts about student activities.

Key dates and information for Term 4

Term 4 Return: School resumes on Tuesday 11 October, with Boarders returning to Houses the evening prior on Monday 10 October by 8:30pm. Houses will open from 3.00pm with afternoon tea and refreshments - we hope to see as many parents as possible during drop off. Girls requiring NSW Transport will have been issued their tickets prior to the end of Term 3. Transport from the airport will be provided, please ensure you provide your flight details as soon as possible, so that arrangements can be made. Flights should arrive around 5.00pm Monday evening. 

Term 4 South West Bus Dates: The South West bus will operate twice in Term 4 in Week 3, Sunday 30 October and Week 6, Sunday 20 November. The South West Bus departs as follows:

  1. 4pm: Cootamundra - Cootamundra Railway Station, Hovell Steet
  2. 5pm: Harden - Jackson’s Bakery, East Street
  3. 6pm: Yass - Yass Junction, McDonald’s Carpark

Bus Bookings can be made through the Orah Leave system in ‘return transport/bus/South West Bus’. Please ensure to include pickup location in the booking.

Term 4 Exeats: Detailed information can be found on the Boarding Schoolbox page under Boarding FAQ’s. Term 4 has two Closed Weekends, the first and last weekend of Term. All students are expected to be on Campus and participating in the Weekend Programme. It is an important part of continuing to develop our community and Frensham spirit. The remainder of weekends in Term 4 are open weekends and Full Boarders will have four exeats to utilise. 

Term 4 Weekend Activities: In an effort to assist in Term 4 planning around leave and exeats, the following excursions have been pre-booked. Each excursion does have a limit on numbers and more detailed information and permissions will be released two weeks prior to the scheduled excursion via Schoolbox and Orah. Please see activity dates below:

  • Sunday 23 October - Illawarra Fly: Treetops Walk and Zip Line Tour
  • Sunday 6 November - Sculptures By the Sea and Bondi Markets
  • Sunday 27 November - Raging Waters
  • Sunday 4 December - Macarthur Square Christmas Shopping Trip

Thank you for a wonderful Term, we hope you all have a safe and enjoyable holiday and look forward to welcoming you back in Term 4. Afternoon Tea will be provided in the Houses from 3pm-5pm on Monday 10 October.

Ms Sally Edwards, Director of Student Life (Boarding)

French Breakfast


In Week 9, Year 7 enjoyed a French petit déjeuner, ordering a croissant and chocolat chaud from Year 10 French students. The Year 7 girls, who are currently studying a unit on food, are learning to express their food likes and dislikes. The breakfast was greatly enjoyed by all girls with, ‘j’adore les croissants et le chocolat chaud’ being the most popular phrase of the day!

French Breakfast

Mrs Anne Barnes, Teacher of French

Jamieson Programme  

It has been a huge term for Jamieson Programme with Global Forum, the OEG high-ropes challenge, guest speakers, Duke of Edinburgh Camp, Presentation Skills, Riding for the Disabled, Community Service in the Holt, Frensham Studies and leadership opportunities.

Some highlights from the term include:

In Frensham Studies, Year 7 students have exploring the idea of becoming a 'Grounded Future Builder' through Frensham's history. We consider how this applies in Year 7, throughout school and when the girls leave the 'big green gates'. We read through an address given by Ms Julie Gillick OAM who spoke to Year 12 2003 at their Final Dinner. She spoke to the idea of a 'suitcase' and what Year 12 might need to 'pack with them' from Frensham to support them after school. So, we decided to make an actual suitcase, pack it with items and concepts Year 7 believe Year 12 might need when they leave! For example, Year 12 will always need toothpaste in their suitcase, so they can make sure they always have a bright smile, a torch to guide them through tough times and a pen or pencil to help map out their future. 

From Term 2, students in Year 8 have been participating in Presentation Skills lessons, delivered by Mrs Hannah, Head of Drama, as part of the Jamieson Programme. The purpose of the course is to teach students important interpersonal skills: how to speak clearly, communicate effectively and present themselves to any audience, no matter what the context. Presentation Skills provides students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to present their work to an audience, helping to develop their confidence.

The course follows the Australian Speech & Communication Syllabus and is structured over three terms in the following way:

Term 2: Public Speaking – Impromptu and Informed Speeches
Term 3: Debating – Speaking persuasively
Term 4: Drama – Working collaboratively to create original work

Essentially, Presentation Skills is about building capacity in students at Frensham, to be effective communicators who are empathetic, creative, and collaborative, demonstrating leadership and speaking with confidence and conviction to communicate effectively and make a valuable contribution.

Left: Presentation skills. Right: Year 9 with Suzannah Cowley.

Year 9 students were privileged to have Suzannah Cowley present to them last month. Suzannah is a television journalist and film producer and established Nviro Media in 2016. She specialises in environmental and agricultural films and shared her experiences of making high impact films. She spoke with Year 9 about how she uses her skills as a filmmaker to inspire and support change and shared three recent films. A recent project involved work with Landcare and showcasing indigenous land management with a specific focus on the use of cultural burning. Suzannah also engaged the girls in a highly entertaining interview role-play. This special presentation supported a broad study in environmental care and management, and how individuals can make a change, key themes in the Year 9 Jamieson Programme.

Finally, Year 10 classes continue to cultivate their leadership skills by generously leading younger students in the boarding houses and also by being supportive and kind Cracks to Year 7, providing them with strong examples of what it is to be a grounded Frensham girl.

We are looking forward to Term 4 with Year 9 students completing their final examinations for the IGCSE Global Perspectives course. Jamieson Week is a highly anticipated event – and not just because it is the final week of term! Students will participate in a range of community service activities, giving back to their Frensham community, the local community and beyond.

Mrs Merrilee Harris, Director of Jamieson Programme and Careers  

ICAS Frensham and Gib Gate Years 2-12

During the past month students have been participating in the annual ICAS Competitions in Writing, English, Digital Technologies, Science and Mathematics. For the first time this year parents and carers were given the opportunity to register their children using the online portal. Teachers at Frensham and Gib Gate then conducted each online test under the required examination conditions, and within the set time frame as required by ICAS.

We congratulate all students who undertook these complex competitions thus developing their skill at taking these ‘above level’ tests under timed conditions. All students from Years 2 to Year 12 who have been awarded Distinction achieved a result in the top 10% of students across Australia and those who have been awarded Credit placed in the top 30% of all students across Australia. Hard copy certificates will be presented to our competitors when they are received.

Frensham Results

  • Science - Distinction: Sophie Worner-Tomlinson (Year 7); Sophie Simpson (Year 10); Credit: Sofia Nesci, Claire Sullivan (Year 7); Isabel Syme (Year 8); Jade Cox, Anna Fagan (Year 9) Ashley Brewer, Poppy Carter (Year 10); Megan Syme (Year 11).
  • Mathematics - Credit: Georgina Boag, Ruby Rodgers, Claire Sullivan, Sophie Worner-Tomlinson (Year 7), Isabel Syme (Year 8); Georgina Lewis (Year 9); Poppy Carter (Year 10).

Gib Gate Results

  • Science - Distinction:  Makhaya Moleno (Year 2); Poppy Chine (Year 4); Olivia Pattinson (Year 5); Credit: Alula Gerstl, Archer Mason (Year 2); Emma Andrew, Elyssia Mason, Mathilda Muir, Emma Sredman (Year 5).
  • Mathematics - Distinction: Olivia Pattison (Year 5); Credit: Sofia Wilson (Year 4)

Gib Gate Maths Olympiad Team 2022

Congratulations to the Gib Gate Year 5 and Year 6 Maths Olympiad team who completed its last ‘contest’ for 2022. The team of Max Cannon-Brooks, Hannah Chalak, Sophie Chin, Arabella Munro, Matilda Spong, Annabelle Whyte-Cleaver (Year 6); James Macpherson, Elyssia Mason, Aliyah Mhanna, Olivia Pattison, Emma Stedman (Year 5) participated in five monthly ‘pen and paper’ 30-minute challenges in which they had to complete five problems.

The Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad is an annual contest which has been operating since 1987. Every year, schools from all over Australia, New Zealand and other neighbouring countries take part. The overall aim is to encourage students to develop important mathematical problem-solving skills in an enjoyable environment. Certificates of Achievement will be awarded in Term 4 during Performance Assembly.

Ms Kate Chauncy, Director Teaching and Learning P-12 


On Wednesday 14 September Inquisitive Minds ran separate workshops for Years 7, 8 and 9. Students worked in predetermined pairs and were immersed in mathematical and logical thinking as they learned and utilised foundational and advanced problem-solving strategies.

Each session had two components:

  1. An interactive lesson where students were introduced to several different problem-solving strategies including tree diagrams, make a list and draw a diagram
  2. A challenge: Students worked in pairs to complete as many questions as possible in the allocated time frame. They had access to 54 questions that ranged in difficulty from easy to hard.

In each session Frensham teachers and Senior Mathematics students, Matilda Arnott, Maya Basson, Isobel Harrington, Lucy Pernice, Phoebe Rowntree, and Mia Shakeshaft, assisted and encouraged the students. An enriching day for all involved.

Miss Emma Lake, Teacher of Mathematics 


We are pleased to provide an Equestrian update with notable achievements and details of upcoming events.

Matilda Telford (Year 8) (pictured left) is competing in Working Hunter and is a reserve for Show Jumping in the Interschools Nationals being held during the holiday. 

Matilda also just placed 1st in the open 80cm at Sydney Jumping Association and 4th in the Children’s 1m. At the Waratah Show Jumping Competition, in classes of around 40 competitors each she placed 1st and 2nd in the 80cm, 1st and 4th in the 90cm and 3rd, 8th and 10th in the 1 metre.

We have several girls competing at the Interschools Horse Extravaganza to be held early next term at Tamworth. We will note results when available.

  • Eva Telford (pictured right) and Tia Thomas have had much success in the show ring winning Champion classes both their riding and horse.
  • Cassia Berry has been doing well in dressage, placing at the elementary level at the NSW State Open Championships.
  • Sophie Baldwin and Abbey Kuiper continue to perform in show jumping. 

Captains of Equestrian, Camilla Warner and Matilda Walker have led the team enthusiastically and we thank them for their leadership this year.

Mrs Harriet Houston, Equestrian Coordinator



  • Awards – Iris: Jemima Graham-Wansey (Sport), Matilda Walker (All Round Excellence), Isobel Harrington (Academic Excellence). Girdle: Lucy Pernice (Snow Sports); Elyse Caristo (Endeavour); Zoe Gallagher (Academic Excellence); Maggie Waldren (Service to the School).
  • ICAS Competition Science: Distinction – Makhaya Moleno (Year 2), Poppy Chine (Year 4), Olivia Pattinson (Year 5), Sophie Worner-Tomlinson (Year 7), Sophie Simpson (Year 10). Mathematics - Distinction: Olivia Pattison (Year 5).

Ms Sarah McGarry
Head of Frensham

Head of Frensham Schools