A Community Month

Year 7 Parent Weekend and Welcome Function

It is with great delight that we received the news today that in the coming weeks, schools will be able to welcome visitors back onto campus and to host school community events with appropriate precautions in place. The ability to gather in person is just so vital as we reconnect as a community in 2022. We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 7 Parents to the upcoming Year Weekend, with Parent-Teacher Interviews on Saturday and the Year 7 Service and Concert on Sunday morning. We look also forward to meeting parents of new Gib Gate and Frensham students at Saturday evening’s Welcome Function, hosted by the Board of Governors, Foundation and Senior Staff, to be held at the Old Fitzroy Inn. With Frensham Fellowship and Frensham Advisory Committees also meeting this week, February is a big “Frensham Community” month here on campus.

Despite the challenging start to the term, and some disruption because of COVID-19, students and staff have settled well into the necessary routines and we are starting to see a wonderful energy about the campus once again. The sounds of singing as a school, War Cries on the Games Field, Saturday Holt Café coming back to life and, of course, the energy of learning in classrooms, in the Esther Tuckey Library and on our first excursions for some time. Thank you to families for your support and understanding over these first three weeks, particularly having to navigate periods of isolation for some students. Please do not hesitate to contact your daughter’s Year Coordinator or Form Tutor to discuss your daughter’s progress. A reminder that your daughter’s Year Level page on Schoolbox is a great place to start to understand what is happening in each year group and Form Programme.

This week we bid farewell to Ms Michele Scamps, our Facilities Manager - a passionate lifetime supporter of the Schools who has shown great commitment to high quality work. Commencing in February 2009 as the Director of the Winifred West Schools Foundation Centenary Appeal, Ms Scamps has contributed generously across several areas of Frensham Schools during her tenure, including (but certainly not limited to) the organisation of major school community events, the leadership of very successful fundraising programmes and functions, oversight of our Facilities and Maintenance operations and providing stewardship with her significant corporate knowledge of Frensham Schools. We acknowledge the extensive work Michele has led and overseen throughout these past two years as a result of COVID-19, and her incomparable work ethic and commitment, and wish her the very best in her retirement.

Pen & Ink 2021 Edition

A book is not completed till it’s read. ~ Salman Rushdie

Pen & Ink 2021

The 2021 edition can be purchased from Company Office for $15.00 by students or can be posted to you. To order online, please follow this link.

Contributors to the 2021 Edition are:

YEAR 12 2021: Natasha Alexander, Grace Amos, Jessica Billett, Ella Clark, Meg Fairrie, Eliza Friend, Grace Lewis, Natasha Long, Madeleine Mulligan, Sophie Perkins, Isabelle Promnitz, Georgia Shakeshaft, Taylah Stoney, Jemima Storch, Eleanor Swan.

YEAR 12 2022: Ankitha Avvari, Maya Basson, Yusra Chalak, Isolde Cochet, Lulu Duck, Zoe Gallagher, Judith Hopkins, Holly Horsfall, Olivia Laverty, Emily Lenehan, Phoebe Lyne, Zé McGrath, Phoebe Rowntree, Charlotte Senior, Emily Senior, Matilda Walker.

YEAR 10 2022: Scarlett Alldis, Monique Andersson, Bella Cay, Ali Corbett, Sarah-Joy Day, Sissy Fairrie, Saskia Hilkemeijer, Charlotte Hopperton, Heidi Jervis, Meg Jones, Savannah Linde, Darcy Maple-Brown, Millie Moar, Eliza Mulligan, Freyjika Parker, Sarah Partland, Hannah Perkins, Phoebe Rouse.

YEAR 10 2022: Madeleine Charters, Kate Clifton, Charlie Delahunt-Higgins, Matilda Graham, Millie Gale, Claudia Hampson, Penelope Hill, Abbey Kuiper, Imogen Smith and Minnie Wiggins.

YEAR 9 2022: Sophie Chen, Jade Cox, Hannah Day, Lauren Fox, Sophie Hanrahan, Camilla Johnston, Elizabeth Laverty, Skye McLelland, Alice Mulligan, Raphaela O’Neill’Siambis, Chloe White.

YEAR 8 2022: Milly Debelle Hancock, York Doyle, Fran Gelonesi.

Ms Kate Chauncy, Director of Teaching and Learning P-12; Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Programmes P-12


As we settle into the term, we would like to share some reflections from Year 7 students:

My first week at Frensham, was a rollercoaster full of emotions. Uplifted by the spirit of the beautiful melody at morning prayers, a sigh of relief goes through me as I’ve finally made it here. Obviously, I was very nervous, but was always comforted by the older girls. The roar of pride and competitiveness echoes through the campus during Friday war cries. I had no clue what to chant but it was so fun jumping around and clapping in excitement for Saturday Sport. The music bursts out of a speaker, knocks on our door – we all know what that is, war cry fairies! We all love the great fun, off to sport we go. Chants, cheers and encouragement, everyone is always down on the Games Field clapping, and cheering Frensham on. What is better than I thought it would be is the food. The delicious range of cold meats and vegetables for lunch is always very good, breakfast is full of hot food, cereals, and toast. All filling us for a big day ahead. Dinner is always delicious too. What I love most about campus is the huge areas for learning, sport, farming, creativity and recreation. It is beautifully designed and is always carefully looked after. I am really loving high school and have settled in amazingly; everyone is so supportive and helpful. I have really enjoyed the first few weeks and am looking forward to the weeks ahead. Frensham is such a positively spirited school, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. (Madeleine Houston)

My first few weeks have been truly wonderful! I am really enjoying going to morning prayers and singing hymns, doing war cries on Friday and Saturday mornings and enjoying being with friends all day and coming back to see Mrs Parsons. I love the food at school, I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I have really enjoyed it. Also, I thought that only 30 minutes on my phone would be horrible but I now realise that I don’t need my phone and prefer being with my new friends. My favourite place on campus is the deer pond. Going there at morning tea with my friends and talking about how we love school. I love Science because it is not like primary and we get to do actual fun stuff! I love Tech and learning to build and cut materials to make a toy. (Saffron Kable)

At school I enjoy always being busy, whether it be with school (which everyone is) or with sport and the Frensham spirit (which is exhilarating and exhausting) or maybe just getting to bed at night at the right time. I always have things to do and always with great friends. I was not looking forward to prayers, but it is not what I thought it was. We file in and a teacher tells us to sit. I enjoy the meaningful stories shared. I always enjoy the hymns, though I am not very good at singing. I love watching the older girls sing and hear them hitting those notes is crazy cool. The best thing about our school grounds are the red bridges. I have an awesome view of two of them from my window and I have attempted to draw them. Every time I look at them, I imagine a fairy land across them. My favourite class is Tech, I am getting better at cutting the wood and it is really fun seeing everything come together. I also love World Studies and Maths and I can’t wait for Visual Arts next term. I also love the vegie chips and Milo, which Mum should really try in our kitchen. (Chekka Cay)

It has been a wonderful first three weeks in boarding and these reflections are promising indication of how the girls are settling in to Frensham life.

End of Term Travel: From an administrative perspective, parents are encouraged to discuss with their daughter their end of term travel plans. Heads of Houses will be asking for this information shortly to allow for appropriate preparation.

We are looking forward to the Year 7 Parent Weekend and hope to see many of you around the campus.

Ms Sally Edwards, Director of Student Life (Boarding)

ICAS Medal 2021 Award Presentation

Prayers Friday 18 February 2022
Last year Frensham students from Year 7 to 11 elected to participate in the annual ICAS competition test papers across the full range of subjects. These included Mathematics, Science, Writing, Digital Technologies and English.

On the last day of Term 4 2021 the Head was notified that Year 11 student, Zoe Gallagher, had been awarded a Medal for her achievement in the Year 11 English Competition, which was announced at Final Prayers.

Students achieving the top score in each year level in each State are awarded an ICAS Medal. Zoe was one of two students in the NSW Year 11 English ICAS Competition to be awarded the medal and she was in the top 2% of Year 11 participants in Australia.

On Friday 18 February, Zoe was awarded her medal by Ms Sarah McGarry to celebrate her achievement with her parents, Mr Luke and Mrs Kate Gallagher and all her teachers and friends from Years 7 to 12 2022.

Zoe has been entering the ICAS Competitions since she was in Year 3 with notable results annually. As a Year 12 student, completing her HSC in 2022, this will be the last year she can compete and she is very excited to participate in her last year of school!

Zoe Gallagher's ICAS Medal. Zoe with Ms Sarah McGarry and parents, Mr Luke and Mrs Kate Gallagher

Ms Kate Chauncy, Director of Teaching and Learning P-12; Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Programmes P-12


On Wednesday 16 February, students from Years 11 and 12 Drama travelled to Sydney for Onstage, where exemplary performances and projects from the HSC Cohort of 2021 were presented at the Seymour Centre. Students were inspired by the calibre, creativity, and diversity of the work.

OnStage performers. Years 11 & 12 Drama at Seymour Centre.

On Tuesday 22 February, Zeal Theatre duo Tom Lycos and Stefo Nantsou returned to Frensham with their production of Lucky Country. Lucky Country was created with the assistance of students from International Grammar School in Sydney in late 2015 and premiered in February 2016. Performed in Zeal’s trademark minimalist style and exuberance, Lucky Country is a timely look at multi-cultural Australia, current global debates on the refugee crisis and the role the media plays in shaping public opinion. Following the performance, Stage 5 Drama students participated in a workshop on playbuilding children’s theatre and Year 11 developed skills in group-devised work.

Year 11 Drama students have been studying the techniques of Greek Chorus in their Playbuilding Unit this term. This style is foundational to their preparation for the Group Performance, a mandatory component of the HSC Drama Course. At Friday Prayers on 18 February, they applied their understanding when interpreting the prologue of Beauty and the Beast in a class performance for the whole school to enjoy.


Mrs Sally Hannah, Head of Drama

Livestock Team Report

It was the Sheep Team’s turn to compete when they attended the Crookwell Show on Saturday 12 February. Ten students and ten ewes made the trip and had a very successful day. It was the first event for many of the students and the sheep and all performed well. The results were:

Novice Ewe Lamb - 1st - led by Sophie Kennedy (Year 9), 2nd - led by Goldie Munro (Year 8); Pair of Ewe Lambs - 1st - led by Olivia Cowley & Chartlotte Cooper (Year 7), 2nd - led by Jocie Corbett & Sophie Hanrahan (Year 9); Ewe, 1 year and under 2 years - 1st - led by Ella van Egmond (Year 12), 2nd - led by Lucy Arnott (Year 11).

  • Champion Poll Dorset Ewe - by Sophie Kennedy
  • Reserve Champion Poll Dorset Ewe - led by Oliva Cowley

Thank you to Mr McMillan for driving the bus and supervising the Team on the day. The next Show for the Sheep Team is the Goulburn Show on Saturday 5 March.


Ms Leonie Mutch, Coordinator of the Livestock Team

Sport – Term 1 Sport Activities

  • Cross Country: The Cross Country team has been working extremely hard every Monday and Wednesday morning developing their endurance capacity, running technique and conditioning. Frensham looks forward to another successful season.
  • Gymnastics: The Gymnastics team is keen to recommence training.
  • Athletics:  Athletics is very popular this term with all girls involved eager to develop their Track and Field skills.


Cross Country, Athletics and Gymnastics training

Mr Shane Green, Head of Sport (2022)

Acknowledgement to

  • Term 4, 2021 Girdle award recipients: Yusra Chalak (Excellence in Public Speaking), Judith Hopkins (Service and Contribution to the School).
  • Zoe Gallagher (Year 12) for her award of ICAS Medal for English, in the 2021 ICAS Competition.
  • Frensham’s Debating Team for its success at the 2021 AISNSW/NGS National Virtual Debating competition – Winner of the Middle School Division. The team comprised - Year 8, 2021: Penelope Cay, Lauren Fox, Skye McLelland, Lucy Rouse, Sophia Windsor; Year 9, 2021: Bella Cay, Bea McDonald, Clara McDonald, Imogen Smith.
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards recipients: Bronze: Matilda Arnott, Hilary Swan; Silver: Lucy Arnott, Bella Cay, Matilda Chadwick, Alexandra Corbett, Judith Hopkins, Hannah Perkins, Phoebe Rouse.
  • Jessica Savage, Hilary Swan (Year 11); Phoebe Gilder, Heidi Rowntree (Year 10) for participating in the recent IGSA Softball Trials.
  • Show Sheep team for its success at Crookwell Show: Champion Ewe Lamb - led by Sophie Kennedy; Reserve Champion Ewe Lamb - led by Oliva Cowley.


Ms Sarah McGarry
Head of Frensham

Head of Frensham Schools