ANZAC Day and Term 2 Events

Upcoming Events

It has been wonderful to welcome students and staff back to campus for the beginning of Term 2, having had the opportunity to rest after quite an intense first term of 2022. The persistence and patience shown by staff, students and families alike was commendable, as we all managed the isolation requirements for positive COVID-19 cases and household contacts and the subsequent disruption to school life. Energy and enthusiasm levels are high and there is great anticipation for the term ahead and the opportunities for us to gather as a community and to welcome families back onto campus. This term sees, amongst other events, both IGSA and IPSHA Cross Country Carnivals, the Frensham Father-Daughter Ball, our major Reunion Weekend on 21 May, Year 8 and Year 12 Parent Weekends and of course, the Frensham Schools Birthday celebrations in June. Detailed arrangements for these events will generally be communicated via Schoolbox and parents and carers are asked to please note student attendance requirements in particular. Parents are urged to consult the published School Calendar when planning family occasions to ensure that full attendance on Closed Weekends is supported. Please refer to Schoolbox for additional detailed requirements around leave.


Over a number of years, Frensham Schools has worked with the Mittagong RSL Sub-branch, to share in the planning and delivery of the best possible outcomes for the community for the Mittagong ANZAC Day Service. When ANZAC Day falls within the vacation we are particularly appreciative of the effort made by staff and parents from both Gib Gate and Frensham to support student attendance, allowing us to honour this opportunity to contribute. With special thanks to Mr Michael Spencer for the music organisation.

This year in Mittagong, Wreath Bearers - Matilda Arnott and Charlotte Hindmarsh (Year 12), Phoebe McLaughlin and Matilda Spong (Year 6); ANZAC Message on Behalf of the Youth of the Community – Lulu Duck and Eliza Hewson (Year 12); Banner Bearers – Charlotte and Emily Senior and Zoe Gallagher (Year 12); Flautists – Eliza Mulligan (Year 11), Sarah Hunter (Year 12); Vocalists – Lulu Duck, Eliza Hewson, Holly Horsfall (Year 12).

Gib Gate: Evie Bishop, Rosetta Rodgers (Kindergarten); Grace Camphin Florence Dalleywater, Jack Spong, Charlotte Vaille (Year 1); Carly Hughes, Samuel Robb, Chelsea Trudgeon (Year 3); Beatrix Dalleywater, Amelie Gardiner, Madeleine Hannah (Year 4); Emma Andrews, Emily Pattison, Olivia Pattison, (Year 5); Darcy Burrows, Gemma McInnes (Year 6).

Frensham: Amelia Blackshaw, Sophie McAndrew, Ruby Rodgers, Claire Sullivan, Victoria Trotter, Zali Walters (Year 7); Chloe Hannah, Henrietta Hayman, Jade Neilson, Lucia Semple, Skye Spong (Year 8); Hannah Day, Sophie Hanrahan, Amelia Hartnell, Willow Hindmarsh, Raphaela O'Neill'Siambis, Madison Walters (Year 9); Cate Horsfall, Maggie Ryan, Olivia Trotter (Year 10); Sarah-Joy Day, Gracie Hindmarsh, Freyjika Parker, Hilary Swan (Year 11); Matilda Arnott, Ankitha Avvari, Isolde Cochet, Zoe Gallagher (Year 12).

ANZAC Day March and Service in Mittagong


Staffing – joining us at the commencement of Term 2

We were pleased to welcome Deputy Head of Frensham, Frensham Schools Ms Sarah Tynan at Morning Prayers on Wednesday 27 April. Ms Tynan commences in her position on 16 May. (Pictured left with Ms McGarry)

Mr Imre Hirka, Director of ICT and a member of the Frensham Schools Executive.

Mr Malcolm Boyes, Head of Property across the three campuses of Frensham, Gib Gate and Sturt. As Malcolm joins the property team, we thank Stuart Macpherson for his contribution as Acting Facilities manager since the end of February.

Mrs Ellie Collins, Gib Gate PE and Sport Teacher

Ms Paula Collins, HSIE Teacher at Frensham

Welcome back

  • Mrs Melissa Lamrock-George and Mr Keith Mitchell, who will be rejoining the Music Faculty
  • Ms Jane Cavanough, who will be covering for Miss Sophie Piper during her Long Service Leave this term.

Heads of Houses for Term 2 (representing Boarders [Full and Weekly] and Day Boarders)

  • Kennedy – Year 10: Kate Clifton (B), Sophie Simpson (WB), Cate Horsfall (DB)
  • Hartfield – Year 10: Penny Hill (B), Isabel Kenneally (WB), Madeleine Charters (DB)
  • Linden Turner – Year 11: Meg Jones (B), Rosie Mahony (WB), Sarah-Joy Day (DB)
  • Linden Turner – Year 10: Georgia Squire-Wilson (B), Lucinda Colgan (WB), Amy Wimalaratne (DB)
  • Bryant McCarthy – Year 11: Bella Cay (B), Araminta Scott (WB), Phoebe Rouse (DB)

Campus Safety

We remind all families that Frensham students should not be dropped off nor collected via the Topp Gates on Waverley Parade. Now that Houses are functioning fully, and as days become shorter and colder, students should be waiting at Houses to be collected rather than waiting in the dark on the street. Please do take care on the roads surrounding the campus as the wet weather of last term has caused some significant damage to roads across the Southern Highlands with large potholes or bitumen damage a common feature.


It has been an active and fun-filled start to Term 2 with the girls enjoying reconnecting with each other over the weekend. Head Girl and Vice Head Girl, Phoebe Rowntree and Phoebe Lyne, have written a short piece to document the first closed weekend of Term 2.

At school the weekend truly begins not on Saturday but on Friday night!

So… off we went to dance the night away at Clubbe Hall. Girls dressed in their best 80s costume which looked more like a crazy-colour-bomb than Cyndi Lauper. The following morning there was a great turnout at basketball, it was difficult to manage to get a glimpse in the sea of girls supporting from the upstairs balcony of the gym. Obviously, the encouragement was successful with the new War Cry Fairies debut as all teams had a strong win against their opposition. Later in the afternoon the girls returned to the gym to try ballroom dancing in preparation for the up-and-coming Father-Daughter Ball. To end the fabulous day, a trivia night was put together consisting of girls finishing popular lyrics and plank challenges, both our minds and bodies were put to the test. 

After a well-deserved sleep-in, girls attended a short School Service before competing in the Frensham Annual Biathlon. Despite a muddy and sludgy Holt, everyone displayed their best efforts in running, swimming and covering themselves in mud! Even though it was a friendly competition, girls were reminded of the reality of how hard it is to run 3km and swim 300m (juniors), 400m (seniors). After this, we were all rewarded with a restful afternoon and evening.

What a great start to a term of activity, excitement and, of course, fun!

Ms Sally Edwards, Director of Student Life (Boarding)

Careers at Frensham

We are in the midst of “University Early Entry season” and the majority of Year 12 have now had individual meetings to discuss their tertiary and post-school opportunities. Students were emailed their UAC (University Admissions Centre) unique PIN and are now able to list their NSW preferences from 1 to 5. Please note – they can change these preferences at any time. Students have been encouraged to select Schools Recommendation Scheme to ensure that they automatically apply for Early Entry for participating universities via their UAC application. Frensham is considered to be a ‘rural school’ and students may automatically receive ‘adjustment factors’ from certain universities. Interstate admission centres will have similar early entry opportunities.

The second opportunity for Early Entry is directly, via a university’s website. The universities that are open for Early Entry right now include ANU, UNE and CSU.  Students will be advised as other tertiary institutions start to open their portals and they are encouraged to be mindful of closing dates.

There are many webinars, open days and information sessions open to students and parents alike. Year 12 are advised of events and important notices during ‘Tertiary Thursday’ Form sessions and the meeting notes are always saved on the Careers page Schoolbox  in the Files area, which parents can also access.

Year 11 students enjoyed a ‘Tertiary Tuesday’ session at the end of last term and I will continue to prepare the girls throughout the year.

Year 10 will undergo Careers Profiling on 6 June. These individually prepared Career profiles help provide a sound basis for careers exploration and decision making. It is never too early to start thinking about Senior studies. UAC have published a Year 10 subject selection advice booklet. Parents and students can click on this tile on the Careers Page on SchoolBox, Year 10 Careers - Schoolbox,  and we look forward to providing further discussion and advice Term 3 at the Year 10 Planning for Senior Studies session on Saturday 6 August.

Jamieson Programme

Year 7: In Frensham Studies, students explored our first character study, 'Confident & Self Assured', where the girls looked at what this meant in their context now, at Frensham and how this translates beyond school. They made 'Magic Slice', cooking an old classic Frensham Morning Tea, where they chose ingredients that represented a Frensham Girl. For example: The top layer of the Magic Slice will be freckles, as everyone is unique and colourful and always stick together. This term, we are considering what it is to be a 'Willing Contributor.'

Year 8: For the first time in two years, Year 8 students are now able to participate in Riding for the Disabled. This programme makes a huge difference to the lives of children and adults living with intellectual, physical, sensory and learning disabilities. Our students like chatting to the riders and supporting them to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Year 9 Fitness

Year 9:  A reminder to parents and students that attending the extended day Jamieson Programme Thursday Week A until 8.00pm, is compulsory for all Year 9 students. With a focus on health and fitness, critical and ethical thinking, service and leadership, the Jamieson Programme helps girls gain confidence and courage to deal with the unfamiliar territory ahead. It also challenges students to consider the difference they can make, individually and as part of a group, when exploring real social, political and environmental issues. Having a special afternoon and evening session dedicated just for Year 9 is unique to Frensham and helps to build important connections within the cohort and tends to awaken in the girls, a belief in themselves that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Students began the term with fitness activities, including a range of aerobic and strength/muscular endurance challenges. Students will have time to reflect on the achievement of their individual fitness goals, which have been an ongoing focus throughout last term.

Students in the Cambridge IGCSE interdisciplinary course ‘Global Perspectives’ will begin the second component of the course, the Group Project. Groups decide on an important global issue and work together to research the issue and come up with a way of either promoting or solving the problem. In the past, students have designed websites, written story books to educate younger children, designed promotional posters or produced an advertisement. The skills of collaboration, listening and being an integral team member are core to this component and we look forward to seeing what Year 9 come up with this year.

Year 10: Students are relishing taking on their role as leaders in the Junior Boarding Houses and being strong mentors as Cracks. They are crucial to our pastoral care programme in that they are often the first person a young student will talk to about problems they may be experiencing at School. Year 10 girls are congratulated on being important role models to our junior students.

Mrs Merrilee Harris, Director of Jamieson Programme and Head of Careers


NSWCIS Touch Football 18&U team as an IGSA Sport representative
Heidi Rowntree (Year 10), selected to represent IGSA in the U18 team Friday 29 April, where she played very well against the Senior players. Unfortunately, she just missed out on the opportunity to play in the NSWCIS U18 team.

U15 Netball IGSA Trials
Claudia Henderson (Year 9) was successful in being selected for the IGSA U15 Netball team. She will now take part in the U15 Netball Challenge Day, 9 August, in the bid to be selected for the NSWCIS U15 netball team.

U18 CIS Basketball Team
Mia Shakeshaft (Year 12) has been selected for the U18 IGSA Basketball team. She will play in the All Schools tournament, Thursday 5 May.

IGSA Cross Country Carnival Friday 13 May
The IGSA Cross Country Carnival will be taking place Friday 13 May. All parents of competitors are welcome to attend the event.

IGSA Pink Round Saturday 7 May
Round 2 of IGSA will be the Mother’s Day round with students supporting the BCNA. Students are encouraged to wear pink hair ribbons and pink playing socks. If supporters attending can wear a splash of pink on the day to support the cause it would be appreciated.

Frensham Biathlon
On Sunday 1 May Frensham held the Run/Swim Biathlon. Students had the opportunity to join a team and select the running leg of 3k or the swimming leg 300m for Year 7 and 400m for Juniors and Senior students.

Year 7

  • 1st: Maisie Stanley, Amber Thomas, Chloe Worner-Tomlinson 17:26
  • 2nd: Holly Fagan, Georgina Boag, Francesca Cay 18:37
  • 3rd: Lili Bell, Genevieve McLelland 19:23


  • 1st: Sophie Hanrahan, Tia Thomas (Year 9) 18:25
  • 2nd: Skye McLelland, Penny Cay (Year 9) 18:50
  • 3rd: Camilla Ranken, Camilla Johnston (Year 9) 18:51


  • 1st: Phoebe Gilder, Lucy Molineux, Miliana Thompson (Year 10) 21:08
  • 2nd: Mia Shakeshaft, Isobel Harrington (Year 12) 21:48
  • 3rd: Maggie Ryan, Lottie Firth (Year 10) 22:05

Mr Shane Green, Acting Head of Sport

Visual Arts

In Term 1, Year 11 students studying Visual Arts explored social and political issues in the world as part of the “These are Desperate Times” unit. Employing printmaking as the primary medium to express ideas, the students used a range of specific techniques, such as dry-point etching, lino-printing, mono-printing and eucalyptus lift printing in varied ways. In addition to developing concepts for artmaking, working within the expressive form of printmaking gave students the opportunity to test aspects of this media ahead of the HSC Visual Arts course beginning in Term 4. The standard of work produced collectively by students was excellent, showcasing individually their diverse skills and interests.

Year 11 Visual Arts


Mr Phil Alldis, Head of Visual Arts and Design & Technology

Show Cattle Team – Sydney Royal Easter Show

State Paraders Final (qualified at Moss Vale Zone Finals): 1st - Judith Hopkins (Year 12) and Rocky (Simmental); Reserve Champion - Judith Hopkins. School Paraders: 2nd - Tia Thomas (Year 9) and Rocky (Simmental).

Herdsman Best Maintained Team competition: 1st – Frensham. Judged on the stall area, cattle, students and display. Frensham’s display celebrated the 200 years of the Royal Agricultural Society showing old Easter Show beef cattle judging photos, old farm equipment and tools and past School Steer and School Paraders results.

The Simmental breed was the feature breed of the Show celebrating 50 years of Simmentals in Australia. Competing in the separate Simmental-only classes: Simmental Middleweight Led Steer: 4th - Smiggle led by Tia Thomas; Intermediate Paraders (15 - 17 years): 2nd - Judith Hopkins leading Rocky.

Steer Classes: Heavyweight School Led Steer: 3rd - Rocky led by Judith Hopkins; Middleweight Open Led Steer: 4th - Ringo (Angus) led by Maggie Waldren (Year 12). Class 3 Heavyweight School Steer Carcass: Bronze medal – Rocky (Simmental). Class 8 Middle weight Open Carcass: Bronze medal – Smiggle (Simmental); Class 10 Middleweight Open Carcass: 1st – Virtual Taste Test – Ringo (Angus).

Acknowledgement to

  • Frensham’s Show Cattle Team for their success at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We would also like to thank Frensham parents, Nicole and John Hopkins (Wormbete Simmentals, Illabo) and Kate and Anthony Waldren (Nandawar, Nimmitabel), who bred Rocky (Simmental) and Ringo (Angus), respectively, for their wonderful support of Frensham and the Agricultural Programme over many years.
  • Luca de Manincor (Year 10) for her selection to the University of Sydney’s under 16 Water Polo Team, the team went on to win Bronze at the National Water Polo Youth Championships, Brisbane, held during the vacation.
  • Frensham students competing as IGSA team representatives: Heidi Rowntree (Year 10) U18 Touch Football, Claudia Henderson (Year 9) U15 Netball, Mia Shakeshaft (Year 12) U18 Basketball.

Ms Sarah McGarry
Head of Frensham

Head of Frensham Schools