Celebrations of learning, community and commitment

We have enjoyed a wonderful last month at Frensham Schools, with celebrations of learning, community and commitment occurring across all campuses. The importance of community connection has been apparent throughout all events, including Year 8 and Year 12 Parent Weekends, Father-Daughter Ball, Winifred West Legacy Lunch, Reunion Luncheon, Sturt “Web” Exhibition opening, the School’s Birthday celebrations, the Frensham Fellowship Annual General Meeting and the Gib Gate Parents’ trip to the Archibald Prize in Sydney. We sincerely thank all who have contributed to the organisation of these events, reconnecting and celebrating the essence of our extended Frensham Schools community.

Birthday celebrations highlights

Birthday highlights from the Frensham Schools Birthday Service, Frensham 109th Birthday Service and 'Clue' performance

It has been inspiring to see the work occurring in the Jamieson Programme across both Gib Gate and Frensham, which Mrs Harris shares in more detail later in the newsletter. This distinctive programme is unique to Frensham Schools and really challenges students to think beyond their own context, contemplating and investigating global issues and their solutions.

Term concludes on Thursday 23 June, and we wish students well for upcoming events across the June-July vacation period. In particular, our Snowsports and Equestrian teams heading off to their respective NSW Interschools Championships. We are also eagerly anticipating the Sturt Winter School, welcoming participants and tutors to the Frensham and Sturt campuses for an invigorating week-long learning experience.

We look forward to welcoming students and staff back for the commencement of Term Three on Monday 18 July. Boarders are welcomed back into Houses at Frensham on Sunday 17 July, with afternoon tea provided for parents and carers, giving the opportunity to meet and connect with other families as well as Boarding and Senior staff.

We ask all families to please note the key dates for the Term Three calendar, particularly Closed Weekends for Frensham students. These dates are published well in advance to provide families with sufficient time to plan around them. Whilst it is understood that sometimes emergency situations arise, meaning that a student requires Special Leave, it remains our expectation that students participate fully in the programmes designed for these weekends. Day Boarders are also expected to participate in key events across each of these weekends – they are important connection opportunities for students and contribute significantly to cross-age friendships and our strong and positive school culture.

Virtual Competitions

KIDSLIT State Competition 2022
On 16 May, students from Years 6, 7, and 8 competed in the annual KidsLit competition, held virtually at Frensham. Each team of four students was given 100 literature-based questions, which were divided into ten categories. This year’s categories were Spies, War, Doctors, Trees, Cars, Colours, Book Knowledge, Beasts, Best Friends and Constructions. 

The Year 7 team: Adeline Ahern, Ana McInnes, Maisie Stanley and Sophie Worner-Tomlinson placed first in the “Doctors” round, gaining a final score of 77 and a top 10 place. They won a selection of novels for the Frensham Library.

The Year 8 team: Millicent Debelle-Hancock, Penelope Hampson, Indigo Ling, Jade Neilson and, also received a top 10 place with a score of 73.

da Vinci Decathlon
On Friday 25 May, the Year 11 da Vinci Decathlon Team competed in the 2022 State Finals of this competition in a ‘virtual event’, against 55 schools in their division (over 440 other students) from a range of schools across NSW. The theme of this year’s competition was ‘Patterns’ competed in ten disciplines with all tasks emphasising higher-order thinking skills and TEAM spirit and collaboration. Individual team members complemented each other’s strengths in all ten disciplines comprising pen and paper, timed responses.

The team worked hard to accomplish a 2nd Place in the category of Creative Producers and three top ten placings in: Cartography (8th), Engineering (8th) and Ideation (9th).

Congratulations to Monique Andersson; Gigi Bonet; Sarah-Joy Day; Sissy Fairrie; Heidi Jervis; Abigail Jorgensen; Cintra Maldonado; Freyjika Parker; Phoebe Rouse and Hilary Swan, for this wonderful achievement.

Ms Kate Chauncy, Director of Teaching and Learning

Jamieson Programme

Year 7:  In Frensham Studies, our second character study is 'Willing Contributor' where the girls look at what this means in their context now, what contributing looks like at Frensham and how those that have come before them modelled this thinking. They considered Birthday Weekend, a 109-year-old tradition of Frensham and the importance of presence and service on such an exciting weekend.

Next term, we will finalise this character study with a letter to themselves in Year 12. They will reflect on how they are a Willing Contributor now, and how they would like these characteristics to translate into the future.

Year 8: As part of Jamieson Programme, Year 8 have taken up their additional responsibilities of Bell and Flag duty with gusto. Riding for the Disabled has been a highlight and the feedback I receive, via Jamieson reports, is that the girls come away feeling humbled and pleased that they have made a small difference to the day of another child with challenges greater than their own.

Presentation skills is another listed favourite with students learning to present information clearly and effectively – a key skill required in almost every field.

Year 9 have completed the Outcome for the Global Perspectives Team Project. Issues researched included domestic violence, Ukrainian refugees, managing food waste, abortion and access to educational resources. Staff and students were impressed by the presentations of each project including a dropbox for education supplies, posters to raise awareness, and Instagram accounts to inform the public. They will now complete their personal reflection on the process and outcome for the remainder of term.

Year 9 Global Perspectives Team Project

Year 9 Global Perspectives Teams

Year 10 completed their Careers Profiling last Monday. Students responded to a number of tests that will provide insights on each student’s personal style, career interests, problem-solving skills, transferable skills and the myriad possibilities and pathways available to them in terms of careers. Students and parents will have access to their report in the first week of Term 3. The next step is a one-hour meeting with a Career Avenue’s consultant who will take each student through their report to help unpack each of the sections. She will then help to explore the career ideas presented in the report and formulate a plan. The Action Plan process is designed to help girls develop their own conclusions and take charge of the next stage of their career decision making. I am looking forward to working with the girls throughout this exciting next stage.

Finally, Senior staff visited the Gib Gate Cambridge Global Perspectives course “Learning Walk” last week. We were impressed with the presentations of each year group and the detailed analysis of important global issues, including keeping healthy, the right to learn and looking after the planet. The programme develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication and research says that the earlier students start to develop and practise their skills, the greater the impact on their learning. The course lays the perfect foundation for the IGCSE Global Perspectives course in Year 9 here at Frensham.

Mrs Merrilee Harris, Director of Jamieson Programme and Head of Careers


Representing Frensham in the IGSA Cross Country Team at the NSWCIS Cross Country Championships Eastern Creek were:

  • 18 Years Lucy Gale, who achieved 4th of 54, placing in the top 10 and qualifying for the State Championships
  • 16 Years Phoebe Gilder (25 of 59); Lucy Molineux (30 of 59)
  • 14 Years Tia Thomas (21 of 62)

Mr Shane Green, Head of Sport (Acting)


  • Award recipients: Iris: Yusra Chalak (Public Speaking); Girdle: Sophie Domazet (Academic Excellence, Visual Arts), Ankitha Avvari (Academic Excellence), Lara Kyriazis, Emily Senior, Mia Shakeshaft, Charlotte Senior (Service to the School).
  • Gib Gate students for their confident sharing of their Cambridge Global Perspectives Units of work to the whole school community in a Learning Walk, last Thursday.
  • Recognition of Frensham Schools, represented by Director of Philanthropy, Jackie Dalton, in two categories at the recent Educate Plus International Conference: receiving awards for Best Fundraising Event (launch of The Winifred West Legacy) and Best Video (bequest video, telling the story of Sue and Tony Morrison’s bequest to Frensham Schools).
  • Zahra Nash (Year 4) who was selected as a member of the Country Team representing IPSHA Schools at the recent CIS Cross Country Carnival. Zahra is congratulated for coming 10th out of a field of 115 runners in her age group.
  • Head of Cross Country Lucy Gale (Year 12) for 4th place at the recent NSWCIS Cross Country Championships and qualifying for the State Championships

Ms Sarah McGarry
Head of Frensham

Head of Frensham Schools