Frensham students excel internationally

Frensham students excel in internationally recognised course

Frensham Year 9, 2018 global high achievers

Frensham Year 9, 2018 global high achievers

Frensham students have achieved a remarkable number of top results – A* and A – in the Cambridge International Global Perspectives course, with Georgia Shakeshaft topping the School’s results with a score of 183 out of 200.

Overall, Frensham Year 9, 2018 students received outstanding results in the internationally recognised course, with 30% of Frensham students gaining the highest result (A*) – compared to 10% internationally - and another 32% gaining an A result (compared to 20% of A results internationally).

Head of Frensham, Julie Gillick, noted, “Our involvement in Cambridge International courses allows us to analyse student achievement in courses studied in up to 10,000 schools in 160 countries. It is exciting to know that, through Cambridge, our students are connected to an international network that comprises almost one million learners.”

Equally important is the fact that our teachers enjoy the challenge to interpret new curriculum requirements and to harness their academic capacity and passion to inspire critical thinking and high level academic writing, in middle high school students.

We congratulate the girls and the team of staff involved in teaching the course, led by Head of our Jamieson Programme, Ms Merrilee Harris.

Run by Cambridge University in Great Britain, Cambridge Global Perspectives is a ground-breaking course that stretches across traditional subject boundaries and develops transferable skills, with an emphasis on developing the ability to think critically about a range of global issues - where there is always more than one point of view. Frensham offers the course to Year 9 students as part of our unique Jamieson Programme. Meeting government ministers, organising a local river clean-up project and writing to the United Nations about climate change, are just some of the activities learners pursue through the course. Speaking about the importance of the Cambridge International Global Perspectives course to Frensham, Deputy Head, Geoff Marsh, noted recently, “Frensham is a global school and the course strengthens our international links as girls collaborate with other students from around the world. If we want our students to make a difference well beyond School, they have to understand the complex nature of issues from a local, national and global perspective.

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