The Future is Creative

In preparing Frensham girls for essential competency as global citizens in a 21st Century context, we know that ‘Learning to thrive in a transforming not just about lists of what students need to is about learning to live in new and better ways to take charge of their future, to shape it and deal with its challenges.’

Our efforts to inspire innovation at Frensham are intentional and whilst we take a research-based approach to decision-making around learning and teaching, we are also unafraid to trial ideas from around the world based on our collective, professional wisdom – assessing and benchmarking our progress against world standards.

This year, we are excited to offer our Year 9 and 10 students a course we are calling the Creatable Project. It is a STEM-focused learning experience where students build their own product from start to finish – from ideation, to pitching, to rapid prototyping, to commercialisation. Through design-thinking and creative problem-solving, girls will build personal interest in the innovation process, putting technology in context. A real-world, enterprise project in which girls take an industry-focused outlook in their studies, it is also cross-curricular, encompassing disciplines such as Science, Design and Technology, Business, and English.

Recently, a parent wrote to the School and noted, ‘My daughter is doing the Creatable Project and is absolutely rapt about it. I've been delivering workshops where we are talking about strategic planning, ideation, fail fast etc. and these girls are going to be so far in front of the I'm working with; such a great head start for life.’

In the age of automation the future is creative. Young people want to learn relevant skills for relevant workplaces… but the pace of change is rapid. The Creatable Project will facilitate our students’ industry preparedness by connecting them with innovative brands through an engaging learning experience.

Advantaged by our independence, we continue to explore and expand our curriculum options. With projects like Creatable – and in combination with other offerings such as iSTEM, – we can provide our girls with 21st Century skills for 21st Century workplaces, as well as bridging the education/industry divide. By creating a learning environment for students to express their creativity and ultimately find their creative voice, we are equipping them with hard and soft, real-world tools for the ever-changing, creativity-focused future.

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