Good luck and best wishes Year 12

Well wishes from Years 7-11

We commend our Year 12 students for their persistence, diligence and patience as they finally commence their long-awaited HSC this week. It has certainly been a marathon with a few additional laps for these girls, and they have carried themselves with maturity and determination during such a challenging time. We also thank staff for the ongoing support and guidance they are providing to Year 12.

Remembrance Day

This morning we held a very moving Remembrance Day Morning Prayers, with presentations from Year 12 2022 coordinated by Head of HSIE, Mr Nathan Bessant. We listened to powerful reflections on the service and sacrifice of our servicemen and women and their families, the poem Sunset Vigil by Andy McFarlane, the Last Post, Abide with Me and Australian John Marsden’s Prayer for the 21st century. In this year, the Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force and the end of our military operations in Afghanistan, we recognise and honour the service and sacrifice of Australians – for the first time in more than two decades, our nation commemorates Remembrance Day while not currently involved in an active conflict. We remember the courage and valour of all those who have served our nation in war, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

Student Safety

All parents are reminded of the need to exercise caution in the streets around the Frensham campus.

We do not wish for cars to be making U-turns in the School’s driveways on Range Road, particularly in the busier periods in the morning.

Please continue to drive onto the campus to drop students off safely, via the Main Gate on Range Road.

Students should not be dropped off at Topp Gate or at the Dining Room Gate on Range Road, and there is no vehicular access via Stanley Street.

Keeping safe online

We have been speaking with year levels this week about the importance of protective behaviours online, the responsible use of technology and our expectations in terms of student interactions online. Many adolescents have what can only be described as a ‘complicated’ relationship with technology, perhaps amplified during the time spent in front of a screen alone during the past months of lockdown. Many girls are reporting that while it takes some adjustment to have device-free time required of them at school, they are also recognising the benefits of stepping back a little from technology and interacting with others in a more present and purposeful way – in person. It is sometimes difficult for adolescents to discern what is ‘real’ and ‘safe’ online and the eSafety commissioner has a range of exceptional research-based resources to inform and support young people, families and schools around safe and respectful online behaviour. At the beginning of each year, all girls and families agree to our Information Technology Contract outlining the School’s expectations. This can be found in the 2021 Information Book and in the ‘A-Z of Frensham’ on Schoolbox.

Saturday Sport – Round 1 IGSA Sport - Saturday 13 November

We are pleased to be hosting IGSA Sport again, with double vaccinated parents and spectators permitted to attend.

Touch will be played on the Games Field and Tennis on the Holt Courts.

To ensure that we keep our community safe we ask that all spectators abide by the following COVID-19 safe measures:

  1. All vehicles enter the Games Field entrance on Range Road.
  2. Upon arrival, check into one of the QR codes which will be displayed clearly at each playing location.
  3. Present both your vaccination certificate and check in validation to the COVID safe Marshall.
  4. If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms please stay at home.
  5. Remain socially distanced and avoid gathering in groups.
  6. Please use the clearly signed visitor bathrooms.

We appreciate your support and care with adhering to our COVID safe plan.

In the event of poor weather conditions please check Schoolbox for a cancellation notification. Unfortunately, we will not be running the Holt Café, please arrange alternative refreshments.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email

Mr Shane Green, Acting Head of Sport

Jamieson Week

Our final week of term, Jamieson Week, is designed to involve all students in a major Community Service contribution alongside activities for whole year participation and preparation for the end of year Services. The week’s programme has had to be adjusted significantly to adhere to COVID guidelines, but it is anticipated that most events will be able to proceed in altered format. At the time of printing the newsletter there are still final details to be confirmed, however this will be posted on Schoolbox shortly. We can confirm that the Christmas Lunch, Sports Presentation and Frensham Carols (outdoors) will be going ahead during this week, along with a Communion Service on Thursday 9 December.

Confirmation Classes 2022

Confirmation classes will be available for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 from Term 1, 2022. The classes will be delivered by the Rector of St Jude’s Anglican Church, Bowral, Reverend Gavin Perkins and Youth Minister, Matt Jacobs. Further information will be available early next year.

The Ranier Uniform Shop and Clothing Pool

The Ranier Uniform Shop and the Clothing Pool are open to visitors and parents must be double vaccinated and observe COVID-19 safety protocols (QR code sign in and wear mask). Orders can be made online for subsequent collection.

Ranier Uniform Shop: Parents can order uniforms online through the Ranier website:

Clothing Pool: The Clothing Pool will be open on Mondays 12.00pm-4.00pm. Parents who wish to buy second-hand uniform items are asked to email listing the item/s and the relevant size/s.



Maybe the COVID-19 pandemic has made us all better mathematicians….. terms like “flattening the curve”, “increasing at an increasing rate” and then thankfully “increasing at a decreasing rate” have become common terminology. Even more so, we were all very aware of the daily “stats” or “statistics” and watching the various “graphical displays” on screens and now we are being updated daily with the latest vaccination “percentages” on our way to normality. But, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in much more than this one positive thing, using mathematical terms in normal everyday language: it has given us a reminder and a much greater appreciation for the importance of community, classroom and personal interactions. As young people struggled to learn from home, and teachers struggled with Zoom after Zoom, students and parents’ gratitude for teachers, their skills, and their invaluable role in student wellbeing, has risen. And, teachers’ gratitude for face-to-face teaching, the smiles (even though obscured by masks), the laughs and the orchestrated reactions is immeasurable or perhaps “infinite”.

The Maths classrooms are certainly alive and well. Year 7 students have been studying the topics of Probability, Percentages and extending their knowledge of Algebra through learning techniques for solving equations. Students in Year 8 are studying Volume and Statistics, and using their technology to input and analyse data. Year 9 classes are covering a variety of topics in different classes, including Linear and Non-Linear Relationships and Volume. Year 10 girls are transitioning or “pivoting” into Year 11 students, and have just started their Year 11 Orientation, where they are able to experience the different mathematics courses for the first cycle, and then settle into starting proper their Year 11 programme of study in the second cycle. Year 11 students, now the new Year 12 class of 2022, have been working diligently all term on their Year 12 topics and will be completing their first HSC assessment tasks by the end of this term. Of course, we are so pleased that the Class of 2021, will be finally doing their HSC, on Monday 15 November: Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Extension 2 Examinations. Students have managed well and worked with purpose and deserve this opportunity to formally complete their final year of study.

According to UNESCO, by the end of March 2020 over 1.5 billion pupils or 87 per cent of the world’s student population across 165 countries had been affected by school closures caused by COVID-19 and the pandemic has raised a number of questions about how education might look in the future. This experience has opened our eyes to a number of exciting possibilities; what role should technology play in the delivery of K-12 education and how will the technology landscape evolve to meet this role? What should schools, teachers, students and parents do to keep pace? How can student support, wellbeing and engagement continue to be improved? These are all questions being considered by teachers’ at Frensham as we are so pleased to be back in the classroom with our students.

Ms Joanne Alison, Head of Mathematics

Year 10 Senior Studies

On Wednesday 3 November, Year 10 finished their Stage 5 studies and moved into an exciting two-day Transition Programme, designed to celebrate the beginning of their senior studies, and give them an opportunity to be together, be creative and be future focussed. 

The programme included two half-day creative workshops at Sturt, the completion of NESA’s All My Own Work programme, time to focus on future opportunities reflecting on their strengths, grit and character for senior study and examining career opportunities, looking at courses for university study framed by the strengths identified by their careers testing. The finale culminated in fun, physical games in the gym.

Year 10 workshops at Sturt


Sturt Programme: At Sturt the students choose to engage in one of six of the courses offered, with some of their creative experts:

  • MIXED MEDIA COLLAGE Students used the theme, portraits of the world, developing a work on paper using mixed media material. They also used collage techniques to construct a second work that enhanced the rich cultures of the world.
  • STITCH UP BOOK: Students created “Stitch Up A Book” using fabric for pages and scraps of repurposed fabric with embroidery stitches and collage, to create a textile book. Students created sample books of simple stitching in creative ways, using various threads, lace scraps and found ephemera.
  • CONTEMPORARY TEXTILES with Susan Walker. Students learned how to weave a wall hanging, purse and embroiderer a patch for a jacket or bag exploring contemporary textiles
  • HAND BUILDING CERAMICS Students explored making contemporary vessel forms using terracotta clay and coil construction. Surfaces were marked with a range of stamping and incising techniques and finished with highlights of colour.
  • JEWELLERY MAKING:  Nature provides endless inspiration for many artists. Whether it is plants, flowers, animals, or insects etc., using an element of nature as the inspiration, students created one jewellery piece that explored their chosen topic. Through the design process, students sketched their inspiration and explored the forms along with their new jewellery making skills of cutting, texturing and soldering to create a unique finished nature-inspired jewellery piece. 
  • MAKING SHAKER BOXES Students learned how to bend wood with hot water to make traditional oval boxes in the style of the American Shakers while exploring hand-crafting techniques. The bending of timber, sanding, nailing and finishing created a final product that could be beautifully finished with shellac and wax or a colourful milk paint. 

The girls created beautiful handmade products and enjoyed the connection created through collaboration and creative endeavour.

NESA All my Own Work Programme
The girls completed the HSC: All My Own Work programme designed to help HSC students follow the principles and practices of good scholarship. The course develops their understanding, valuing and using ethical practices when locating and using information as part of their HSC studies.

The course is a requirement for eligibility for the HSC, and students must complete HSC: All My Own Work (or its equivalent) before they submit any work for Preliminary (Year 11) or HSC (Year 12) courses. The modules develop students' understanding of scholarship principles and practices, acknowledging sources, plagiarism, copyright and working with others - all essential skills for the HSC and beyond.

Future focussed self-reflection and career opportunities
The girls also completed the VIA strengths survey, Angela Duckworth’s Grit survey and a survey designed to help them reflect on their character and how this will help them with their senior studies. Each survey allowed girls to reflect on the strengths they can leverage for senior study and identify areas where they may need to work or require support.

Next, students considered their career testing results and the opportunities for tertiary study. They spent time with teachers asking questions and examining the possibilities for them in 2024. Finally, they finished the two days with some fun and physical exercise in the gym.

Year 10 students begin their orientation this week, giving them the opportunity to experience the subjects they have chosen to study in Year 11 and begin their life as senior students.

Congratulations to Year 10 on completing your junior studies; excitement and challenge await you in your senior studies.

Dr Ruth Phillips, Academic in Residence


  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award recipients: Silver – Monique Andersson, Sarah-Joy Day, Judith Hopkins, Savannah Linde.
  • Frensham Debating Teams have progressed to the semi-finals of the AISNSW/NGS National Virtual Debating competition; the teams comprise - Year 8: Penelope Cay, Lauren Fox, Skye McLelland, Lucy Rouse, Sophia Windsor; Year 9: Bella Cay, Bea McDonald, Clara McDonald, Imogen Smith

Ms Sarah McGarry
Head of Frensham

Head of Frensham Schools