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Information & Acknowledgements

Thank you in advance to parents involved in the hosting of School events and processes this year. We appreciate your generous offer of time in support!

A Frensham Contact List now posted on Schoolbox will be emailed separately today to parents, to guide direct communication in key areas.

Acknowledgement to:

Prefects for Year Groups - announced at Final Prayers

  • Year 7: Annabelle Hickson, Bardie Thompson
  • Year 8: Isabella Gale, Alexandra Hill, Lillian Ives
  • Year 9: Adelaide Darvall, Georgina Ridge, Sophie Robertson
  • Year 10: Phoebe O’Connell, Amelia Hickson, Sophie Sheehan
  • Year 11: Lucy Hayes, Alexandra Maciver
  • Year 12: Holly Webster (Vice Head Girl), Georgie Tooth (Head Girl)

Heads of House appointed for Term 1

  • Hartfield: Grace Amos, Ella Clark, Anna Rickwood (Year 10)
  • Kennedy: Adelaide Alker, Amelia Byrne, Amelia Guilfoyle (Year 10)
  • Linden Turner: 
    Emilie Hassall, Isabelle Promnitz, Annabelle Ranken (Year 10)
    Annika Blackman, Lillie Morrison, Annalena Turnbull (Year 11)
  • Bryant McCarthy:
    Isobel Huggins, Rebecca Muller, Christina Richardson (Year 11)
    Adele Bouniol-Laffont, Georgia Kelleher (Year 12) – all year

Girdle Recipients (end of 2018): Elvira Berzins (Music), Kora Fripp (Service – Clubbe Hall), Hayley Hunter (Service – Clubbe Hall), Adele Bouniol-Laffont (French);

Announced in the last week of Term 4, 2018:

  • Virginia Cuppaidge Scholarship – Alice Battcock (Year 12, 2018)
  • Ruby Mowle Scholarship – Sarah Jancewicz (Year 11)
  • Roma Dix Scholarship – Elvira Berzins (Year 12)
  • Eleanor Swan (Year 10), one of 25 participants aged 14-18 years, selected to attend the National Invention Convention at Questacon in Canberra, over the recent vacation;
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award recipients:
    Bronze: Year 11 - Dimity Crowe, Annalena Turnbull; Year 10 - Erin Alcorn, Adelaide Alker, Elke Arnott, Alexandra Barton, Alexandra Bolger, Coco Bradley, Sarah Brown, Amelia Byrne, Ella Clark, Harriet Collins, Alexandra Crawford, Sachi Darling, Meg Fairrie, Eliza Friend, Sarah Glanville, Jessica Greig, Amelia Guilfoyle, Ruby Halloran, Laura Harper, Emilie Hassall, India Hicks, Georgia Hill, Ella Hopperton, Emma Jancewicz, Mollie Laird, Grace Lewis, Grace Mackenzie, Harriet Mackie, Ivy McGufficke, Willa Mitchell, Madeleine Mulligan, Lilith Parker, Sophie Perkins, Sophia Pernice, Isabelle Promnitz, Anna Rickwood, Georgia Shakeshaft, Taylah Stoney, Jemima Storch, Eleanor Swan, Lara Tait, Amy Thompson, Olivia Turner, Skye Vander Straaten, Brigitte Watkin.
    Silver: Year 12 - Maggie McKittrick, Sophie McLean, Sophie Sheehan, Amelia Thomson; Year 11 - Frances Alldis, Harriette Beedle, Cordelia Bell, Annika Blackman, Millicent Bolger, Emily Conradt, Alexandra Cunningham, Annabella Damiani, Charlotte Dulhunty, Sybella Harris, Olivia Hamilton, Chanel Huang, Daisy Latimer, Olivia MacDiarmid, Sarah Manwaring, Mairi Menzies, Gabrielle Metua, Elizabeth Mitchell, Rebecca Muller, Clementine Paradice;
  • UOW STEM Camp (January 2019) selected participants: Ruby D’Rozario, Natasha Long, Caitlin Quinn (Year 10);
  • Sophie Hatch (Year 11), selected in the Australian Junior Showjumping team for the Aquis Champions Tour to be held in Queensland in the first week of May;
  • Sebastian Atra (Year 4) Welsh Alpine Championships Gold Medal U10 Male Giant Slalom and Silver medal U10 Male Slalom.
  • Frensham Year 9, 2018 for their outstanding results in the internationally recognised Cambridge International Global Perspectives Course, with 30% of Frensham students gaining the highest result (A*) – compared to 10% internationally - and another 32% gaining an A result (compared to 20% of A results internationally).

Staffing update – staff welcomed in January

  • In the new position of Director of Languages (Preschool to Year 12): Mrs Kerry Lennon BA (USYD), Grad Dip Ed (UWA) - teacher of our 2018 HSC French Extension class (from her Sydney Grammar position as Subject Master - Modern Languages).
  • Gib Gate:
    Miss Stefanie Klauer B Ed (UC), Dip Early Childhood Services (CIT) – Year 1 Teacher
    Miss Jacqueline Pawl B Teach (Primary), BA (UON) – Year 2 Teacher
  • Frensham:
    Mr John Day B Sc (USYD), Dip Ed (UWS) – Senior Teacher (Mathematics), House Staff
    Mr Andrew McMillan B Sc (UC, NZ), Grad Dip Teaching/Learning, (CE, NZ) – Design and Technology
    Miss Harriet Hooke B A (Lang Hons, French) (USYD), M Teach (Secondary) (UNE) – Languages
    Mr Matthew Griffiths B Sc (UOW), M Teach (UOW) – Science
    Miss Karin Klaver* B English Ed (NHL Uni, The Netherlands) House Staff (*Term 1 Exchange)
  • Sturt:
    Mr Ian Bromley Assoc Dip Elec Engineering (TAFE) – Coordinator, School for Wood
  • Frensham Schools:
    Ms Jackie Dalton B Ed (USYD), WWS Foundation   Director of Philanthropy
    Mrs Virginia Kidd Paediatric Intensive Care PG Cert (NSW College of Nursing), Midwifery PG Cert (Westmead Hospital), General Nursing Cert (Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children) – Head of Health Centre
    Mrs Heidi Wilson Cert Registration – Real Estate, Cert Childcare Studies (TAFE) – Administration Assistant
  • Promotional positions and new positions for current staff:
    Miss May Wong – Head of Innovation (Mathematics and International Partnerships)
    Miss Emily Sinden Year 11 Coordinator
    Mrs Jane Crellen Head of Activities
    Ms Lee McGuinness – Year 12 Coordinator (with Mrs Ros Buick)

Ms Julie Gillick
Head of Frensham
Head of Frensham Schools