Legacy of Leaders

It was pleasing to see Year 6 students enjoying the culmination of the Legacy of Leaders long term project on Monday 8 November. Dressed in character, each student shared their extensive research, so well presented and displayed through their portfolios of work, creatively decorated stands and digital slideshows. Speaking in character, Year 6 students confidently delivered a short speech explaining why they were personally inspired by the actions and legacy left by their chosen subject. The leaders selected by Year 6 reflected the wide range of individual areas of interest and passion, giving everyone the opportunity to learn about new leaders and gain deeper insight into the background and impact of leaders known to them. Mrs Venish, Year 6 Teacher, congratulated Year 6 students on their achievements and expressed her personal pride in each students’ work given the responsibility they demonstrated in managing this project during home learning.

Congratulations to all Year 6 students for their remarkable achievement of presenting their Legacy of Leaders projects in the Gib Gate Hall.  Students have all worked incredibly hard in the lead up to this event, by preparing their exhibition stands and speeches, partly during the remote learning programme, then polishing up their stands and speeches back at school in the lead up to the presentation. This has been a most unusual occurrence and a huge achievement on their part to persist in spite of challenges they faced when working independently at home for a large portion of their project. A huge congratulations to Year 6 2021! Mrs Venish, Year 6 Teacher.

Year 6 - Legacy of Leaders


We are looking forward to sharing the Vimeo recording of the presentation with parents and the whole school in coming days, including the sharing of the beautiful inspiring, ‘keepsakes’ Year 6 students created as gifts for the P-5 students.

Ms Sally Robson, Head of Gib Gate