Livestock Enterprise

Livestock Enterprise

During activities over the Year 7 weekend, new parents to Frensham were introduced to the Foundation’s Livestock Enterprise. While farmers are generally finding it very difficult at the moment, several were interested in becoming involved in the Livestock Enterprise project as Hosts, once seasonal conditions improve. At least nine new Hosts have recently been added to the Programme. This project allows our rural community to generate support for the Foundation’s Bursary & Scholarship Fund which is then channelled back into our rural community by supporting rural enrolments.

Annual Dinner

New parents to Frensham Schools were also very enthusiastic in their response to Ms Gillick’s invitation to the Foundation’s Annual Dinner on Saturday 18 May. Invitations will be sent before the end of this term and we are looking forward to seeing a large contingent of new parents at the Dinner.

Foundation’s Major Event 2019

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Bush Dance
Saturday 2 November