Summer School 2020

Sturt Summer School 2020

Summer School 2020 – Saturday 4-Wednesday 8 January

List of courses and tutors for Sturt Summer School 2020 has now been confirmed with 24 courses on offer. New tutors include Ceramics with Marron Essen and Shannon Garson; Painting with AF Fulgence; Drawing with David Middlebrook, Drawing with Barbie Kjar; Artist’s Books with Sara Bowen; Wood Project with Isabelle Moore (UK); Woodcut Printmaking with Michael Schlitz. Many of our favourite tutors will return including Charlotte Thodey (Still Life Painting) and Richard Raffan (Wood Turning). Full list is available at, online booking will be available soon.

Summer School for Children

Five, one-day children’s classes teaching: Mixed Media Collage, Painting, Sewing, Puppet Play and Ceramics. 

Cost: $95 per day or $440 for the week. Morning tea, lunch and all materials included. The children’s classes run in line with the adult classes enabling both parent and child to enjoy a creative week!

For  all course information or to enrol, please visit:

Alternatively, please call the Sturt Gallery on +61 2 4860 2083. The Gallery is open daily from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

Sturt’s Current Exhibition

Cadence – natural rhythm - until 22 September

Rhythm, pace, patterns. Cadence surrounds us and this exhibition is inspired by it.

The curators have selected 15 artists for their innovative use of traditional mediums, crafting work that is fresh and original. These are artists working to their own beat, confident in their individual cadence – singing their own song to their own rhythm.

Through ceramics, furniture, jewellery, painting, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and woodcarving, this exhibition focuses on individual artists

and their practice - the path and tempo to which each artist creates, adding insight into their routine and method.

We look to repetitive patterns found in fauna and flora together with subtle textures of grain and feathers. We find inspiration in the rhythmic call of tree frogs after an evening of summer rain or in the annual migration of a Bogong moth. We witness the result of unrelenting cadence upon geological formations, where tidal waves etch tessellated sandstone tiles or simply the cadence within the routine rhythm of a human life. 

Participating artists: Tania Rollond, Yvette Marie Tziallas, Lou Harriss, Chelsea Lemon, Roberto Gnecchi Ruscone, Virginia Sprague, Jane Frances Reilly, Julia Flanagan, China de La Vega, Penelope McManus, Phoebe Middleton, Bella Gnecchi Ruscone, Imogen Keen, Cath Derksema and Lucy Turner.

Cadence exhibitors

Cadence artists at the exhibition opening on Sunday 4 August.

Full details of all Sturt courses, exhibitions, residency programmes and events can be found on our website or to make a booking or enrol, call Sturt Shop on +61 2 4860 2083 or email

Mark Viner
Head of Sturt