Term 3 at Gib Gate

Welcome to Term 3 

Gib Gate staff and I would like to thank our school community for its support and care as we commenced Term 3 under Level 2 COVID-19 restrictions. We feel extremely fortunate to be on campus, teaching face to face. It is a joy to see the students arriving happily at school each day, engaged in their learning and being able to play with their friends in the outdoor environment. We know our colleagues, friends and families, and schools in Greater Sydney are experiencing a very different start to the term and we have them very much in our thoughts.

Over the holiday, Gib Gate Teachers and Mrs Lucinda Dalleywater, Frensham Schools Schoolbox Project Leader, have been working on the development of the Gib Gate Schoolbox pages and the new look platform was launched at the start of term. We hope parents have been able to take a look at the P-6 Class and Specialist Teacher pages as we continue to develop these, adding curriculum links, blogs and photographs of the students in action at school, especially given we are unable to welcome parents back on campus at this time. We hope the information, messages and images give an insight into just how wonderful each child’s experience is at school each day.

Ms Sally Robson, Head of Gib Gate

Enrichment and Activities

Music workshops and performance

The Musica Viva ensemble, Rhythm Works, are performing for all P-6 Gib Gate students this Friday. This performance has pivoted from a face to face live concert to an online live event. Rhythm Works are a percussion duo who will show students how to create visual images through music – with lizards, waterfalls, road trains, and carnivals. In this high energy show, students are introduced to a range of instruments from African djembes, marimbas, electronic loop machines, Boomwhackers, and wearable instruments made out of PVC pipe. Students enjoy playing the classroom percussion instruments, including Boomwhackers, and it will be interesting to see a professional group performing on these.

Lucy's Craft workshops

Gib Gate Orchestra
The Orchestra has moved its Friday rehearsals back to Gib Gate Hall, in order to physically distance. Students enjoyed starting two new pieces in Week 1; Stadium Rock is a catchy piece, getting all in the mood for the Olympics and Regent Square.

Term 3 activities started at school this week with full classes. Activities include Cooking, Lucy’s Craft workshops, Junior Tennis, Robotics, and Yoga.

The Robocup Team, Debating Team and Tournament of Minds Team are all preparing for competitions later in the term.

Mrs Anne Graham, Gib Gate Coordinator (Administration)


Local sporting competition has returned. Last week saw all Gib Gate’s soccer teams ready to play at home, but unfortunately wet ground conditions and sleeting rain meant soccer at various grounds around the Southern Highlands was called off early on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, the hockey teams are back at Welby on the artificial turf pitches as their competition continues. Last week, Thursday morning athletics training started again, with students practicing their long jump skills. All students are developing their athletics skills during their Stage Sport sessions on a Thursday afternoon in preparation for the Gib Gate Athletics Carnival.

Over the holiday, many students continued to train for Interschools skiing and horse-riding events. Unfortunately, many of these have been cancelled or postponed. We congratulate students for their efforts in preparation and look forward to seeing them compete in the future.

Ms Nicky Fenaughty, Gib Gate PDHPE and Sport Teacher


It’s like a treasure hunt, in a way, and you’re a detective. Jeff Warwick

Children have been eager to share holiday treasure boxes they took home at the end of Term 2. These boxes were upcycled with much love, glitter, paint, craft and anticipation. The contents of the boxes were shared with peers in the first couple of weeks of Term 3. Items varied from shells and stones found on the beach, baby clothes from new siblings, birthday cards, horseshoes, feathers, pamphlets from holiday places, photographs, books, postcards, homemade toys, monster truck brochures, ticket stubs, leaves, bones and moss. The children shared their treasures with their classmates and teachers, using descriptive words combined with pure excitement. The boxes not only provided an insight into the places the children had been but also an understanding into their thinking. There could be no more motivational tool than to be asked why the items were chosen. As a class, students listened with eagerness and used questions to gather more information about the items. Finding the descriptive words to provide a full picture of the treasures was at times challenging as the audience was not aware of where students had been, who they had visited or why the item was so special to the speaker. We were reminded of what a special gift listening, questioning, and using kind words are as friends made inquiries or supported each other as they talked.

Audrey: I chose golden rocks because they had patterns on them. They were pretty. 

Darby: I was keen it be in a competition to see who had the best treasure.

Tinna: Who would be the judge?

Darby: Well, me.  But hang on that might not be fair.

Ava: I wanted to bring in the flower press because I thought everyone would like it.

Mimi: I brought some shells I got them from the beach. I chose them because I like them.

Thomas: I brought in the monster truck things because I thought you’d like it because we are learning about monster trucks! I liked seeing Buddy win. 

Ms Tinna Loker Gib Gate Preschool Coodinator