Welcome to Term 3 & Upcoming HSC Events to Note

We welcome all students, staff and families back to Frensham Schools for another stimulating and engaging term. Our Year Twelve students have commenced their HSC Trial Examinations this week and are to be commended for the positive and optimistic way they are approaching this important stage of their senior year. We remind all families of the upcoming HSC events featuring performances, major works and design projects from Drama, Music, Visual Art and Design and Technology. We welcome the Frensham community’s attendance at these exhibitions and performances, in support of our students and their endeavour in these subjects.

Online Learning
We look forward to sharing detailed information about the upcoming Online Learning Days in August, be published on Schoolbox shortly. This is not a mid-term break, and the School will remain open during this period. Year 12 students will remain at school and classes will run as usual on these days, with an independent learning day on Wednesday 24 August.  Students from Years 7-11 will be able to remain in boarding and Day Boarders able to attend the campus for these days if desired, with supervision able to be provided.

Regional Visits
Alongside the opportunities for families and friends to visit Frensham this term, we are looking forward to getting out into our community in regional NSW in August, after the restrictions of COVID-19 prevented such visits in 2020 and 2021. We look forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with the broader Frensham community during these visits.

Senior Staff Retirement
Ms Kate Chauncy, our Director of Teaching and Learning P-12, and Coordinator of Gifted Education, Ms Kate Chauncy, will be retiring from Frensham Schools at the end of 2022. Ms Chauncy started working at Frensham Schools in 2001 as Gib Gate Teacher Librarian, and has given extraordinary service over the past 21 years. A collaborative and committed educator and leader, Kate continues to be instrumental in leading curriculum change, staff development and professional learning, philosophy and pedagogy across P-12.

Her beautifully thoughtful Birthday Address for the Frensham Service this year reflects Ms Chauncy’s deep thinking and care for this place and its people. We will be sorry to see her depart but also know that her family will enjoy having more time with her from 2023. We will farewell Ms Chauncy formally at the end of the year and we are grateful that we have the coming months with her to plan for 2023.

The Power of Yet…

Life at Frensham Schools is busy, dynamic, and engaging. Week One and the closed weekend was hive of activity, with students engaged in anything from afternoon tea in the boarding houses, reconnecting with friends after a long break, sport, classes, singing, first aid courses, events at Sturt and Gib Gate’s annual Sample High School Day. Needless to say, this week had it all and the school was alive with a positive energy that was palpable.

As the first week of term in the life of a Frensham, Gib Gate or Sturt student and their family comes to a close and Week Two is in full swing, I wonder how many students have stopped to celebrate their personal achievements, big or small, over the past week.

Whether it was their contribution to their classes, their sportsmanship at sport on Saturday, that they are trying new co-curricular, exploring a new friendships or activity, or simply navigating the complexities of adolescence, challenge is an inevitable part of anything new and it is important to remember that becoming skilled or an expert in anything takes time, patience, and practice. Listening to the artists speak at the Sturt Gallery Opening on Sunday provided me with a deepened respect for professional Potters as they truly live in a world of hope, persistence, and in the power of ‘yet’ as they make their piece, fire the kiln, and wait, sometimes weeks, to view the final result. It is a true lesson in patience and trusting the process.

As we welcomed the Year 5 students from Gib Gate to Frensham for their Annual Sample High School Day on Monday, we saw them embrace the opportunity to try something new. The students participated in Science, DAT, Drama and French classes, and whilst they might not be masters of each of these areas, the power of ‘yet’ says that we might one day have a future maker, scientist, star of the stage or linguist in our midst.

Often when I chat to our students about what they are doing at the moment, or what they might like to do in the future, so many of them say ‘I can’t do that’, or ‘I’m not good at that’, and without fail, I take the opportunity to challenge them to say ‘yet’?

So, what does that sound like in reality? Here are some examples:

‘I have not received the results I was hoping for in subject X …. yet’.
‘I’m not good at a particular medium of visual arts … yet’.
‘I didn’t achieve the time I was hoping for in my race … yet’.
‘I don’t know how to write an essay, perform a speech or do a science experiment… yet’.
‘I don’t know how to navigate this friendship change… yet’.
‘I don’t know that hymn… yet’.

All of the above statements are examples of challenging a fixed mindset and moving into a growth mindset - a state of mind and perhaps a professional Potter’s true disposition. Stanford Psychologist, Carol Dweck has undertaken significant research on growth mindset and has found that ‘the power of our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, and how changing even the simplest of them can have profound impact on nearly every aspect of our lives’. After 20 years of research, she has found that a “growth mindset” is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts, it thrives on challenge and sees failure not as evidence of unintelligence but as a heartening springboard for growth and for stretching our existing abilities.

After my short time here at Frensham Schools, I can’t help but think how lucky the students are to be in an environment that gives them every opportunity to thrive in the ‘Power of Yet’. They are flooded with opportunity where they can grow, try, and persist in any area that they feel they want to, if they believe that they can and are prepared to commit to the effort required.

Ms Sarah Tynan
Deputy Head of Frensham Schools

Frensham on the Road!

Frensham Information Functions
We are pleased to meet with members of the Frensham Community; past, present and future.

Families who may be interested in a Frensham education for their daughters are warmly welcomed at the following events, which may be booked via Trybooking.

Frensham Information Functions 2022

Staff announcements

We welcome

  • Music Faculty: Ms Lia Boulton, M Ed (Leadership and Management) current; M Teaching (Secondary) (UMELB); B Music (ANU). Ms Boulton is returning to the Southern Highlands, where she grew up, from Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak.
  • Gib Gate, Teacher Librarian: Ms Janine McPherson, Dip Teaching, Grad Dip Expressive and Performing Arts (UNSW); MEd (Teacher Librarianship) (CSU). Ms McPherson has extensive experience in primary schools as a teacher and a teacher librarian.
  • House Staff: joining us from the UK, as part of their GAP year, Miss Luisa Prior (London), Miss Emily Goodwin (Cardiff) and Miss Anna Lane (Kent). They will be working, in support, across all areas of the boarding programme.
  • House Staff: Ms Arielle Balyck, B Psychology (late 2022) (MacU).

Current Staff

  • Head of Gib Gate (Acting), Mrs Anne Graham and Acting Coordinator of Administration, Mr Gregory Hannah in support of students and parent, will continue in their roles.
  • Coordinator of Events and Planning: Ms Amanda Graham will be involved with event management and planning; she will also be part of the Frensham teaching staff.
  • Head of Kennedy House: Mrs Kimberly Jones has commenced in this important role, ably assisted by Mrs Robyn Parsons and the Kennedy House team.

Term Dates 2023

  • Term 1: Monday 30 January – Wednesday 5 April
  • Term 2: Wednesday 26 April – Thursday 22 June (as in previous years, the School marches at the Mittagong Anzac Day service, on 25 April)
  • Term 3: Tuesday 18 July – Thursday 21 September
  • Term 4: Tuesday 10 October – Friday 8 December (Gib Gate)
  • Term 4: Tuesday 10 October – Sunday 10 December (Frensham)

For general information for Term Dates

  • These dates indicate the first and last teaching days of each term.
  • Frensham Schools expects all student leave to be taken during the designated vacation periods.
  • Boarding Houses open the afternoon prior to the start of each term.


Term 3 has begun in a flurry of activity with all girls excited to see each other after the three-week break. All eager to tell their stories from their holidays and catch up with missed friends. The drop off day afternoon teas in each house were a great success, allowing our parents to take a break from driving and meet, chat and enjoy a laugh with old and new friends as their girls settled into their new dorms. It was a very special reminder of the wonderful Frensham Boarding Community.

Last weekend was the first closed weekend of the term and saw the girls involved in a variety of fun-filled activities including baking, line dancing, visits to the live exhibition at Sturt and of course an opportunity for relaxation and prep. I encourage you to visit the Boarding Schoolbox page, and enjoy the weekend report, including some photographs. Year 12 students were preparing for their HSC Trial Examinations and many of the younger girls have provided them care packages and messages of support. Overall, the girls have had a smooth, calm and enjoyable start to the term.

As always, I encourage parents to familiarise themselves with the Boarding Schoolbox page, where all information is placed for ease of access. Especially the Boarding FAQs and information on Exeats, which has changed slightly and currently in place. House pages will also regularly be updated throughout the Term with outlines and photographs of the student boarding activities.

For ease, included are important Term 3 dates. Should you have any questions regarding the below or Boarding matters, please contact: boarding@frensham.nsw.edu.au

  • Week 3: 6-7 August, Year 11 Parent Weekend
  • Expressions of Interest for Term 4 Boarding released on Schoolbox
  • Weeks 5 & 6: 20 (after Sport)-24 August, Online Learning Days (Years 7-11)
    Please note, transport is currently being arranged in the Houses with your daughters.
  • Week 6:  27-28 August, Head’s Tour, Year 9 Parent Weekend, HSC VA and DAT Exhibition
  • Week 9: 17-18 September Closed Weekend
  • Week 10: 23 September, Boarders Travel Day

We look forward to seeing you all throughout the course of the Term.

Ms Sally Edwards, Director of Student Life (Boarding)

Jamieson Programme

Year 9 students and staff are excited about their residential “Global Forum” experience next week, particularly given that last year’s event was cancelled due to COVID-19. The Forum is one of the central components of the Jamieson Programme and the 2022 theme is Making a Difference - Understanding my Place in the World.

Girls will enjoy being off-campus for two and a half days with no technology and no phones. It is an opportunity for them to just ‘be’ with each other, strengthening friendships, working collaboratively in teams and simply having fun through fitness and yoga sessions. Central to the programme are our thought-provoking guest speakers – including Old Girls Ms Annabelle Chauncy OAM (2003), School for Life, and Ms Cressida Cains (1993), AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award, NSW Winner 2020, along with our environmental sustainability expert Dr Peter Anderson (UOW) and Ms Amanda Farrar - Director, Public Affairs and Development, Australian Museum.

An exciting new ‘hands-on’ experience will involve the girls travelling to Sydney to participate in community service activities through organisations Our Big Kitchen and Thread Together. Students will prepare meals for people in need across Sydney and pack boxes of clothing from ‘end of line’ new stock from fashion retailers in readiness for distribution to various charities and social service agencies.  

Students will finish the Forum by creating beautiful ‘Green Art’ sculptures in the Lower Holt inspired by environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy. The evening Jamieson session will involve Outdoor Education staff coming to Frensham to brief the girls on the upcoming OEG climbing, abseiling and cave ladder experience in Week 4.

This carefully planned programme can be found on Schoolbox, Global Forum 2022,  or below.

We wish Mrs Gallagher, her team of staff and Year 9 students an inspiring three days.

Year 9 Global Forum Programme 2022

Mrs Merrilee Harris, Director of Jamieson Programme and Head of Careers


Hilary Hahn

This Thursday, Elective Music students in Years 9-11 have the privilege of attending one of the first major performances in the renovated Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. In preparation for the concert, they have been singing and memorizing the main themes of the repertoire, and have responded to the glorious music of Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony (Pathétique) in particular. Another huge drawcard for the concert is the rare appearance of Hilary Hahn (pictured) who will be playing Prokofiev’s virtuosic Violin Concerto No.1. The students have been listening while following the soloist’s score and admiring the unimaginable technique involved. Another inspiration for our Frensham musicians is the fact that the concert will be conducted by Australian conductor, Simone Young, who has returned to a residence with the SSO after years of international success.

Parents of HSC Music students should take note of the HSC Music Public Performances in Clubbe Hall, 7.15pm on Friday 19 August. This is an opportunity for the candidates to perform most of their programmes as they prepare for their HSC examination mid-September.

Mr Michael Spencer, Head of Music

Visual Arts

HSC Intensive Studio Practice
Towards the end of Term 2, the School was informed that eight students in Year 11 were successful in gaining a place in the National Art School's HSC Intensive Studio Practice courses, run during the July and September vacations. These places are highly sought after, and are awarded via an application and selection process which includes the submission of artworks produced by students. These courses are also listed as non-ATAR 1-unit courses on the students' HSC transcripts. Unfortunately, these courses have not run since 2019 due to the impacts of COVID, so it was an excellent opportunity to have this artistic opportunity offered again to students across NSW. The Frensham students who were successful in gaining a place in a course were:

  • Scarlett Alldis – Painting
  • Olivia Waugh – Painting
  • Heidi Jervis – Life Drawing
  • Poppy Paradice – Ceramics
  • Cintra Maldonado – Printmaking
  • Lara McConnochie – Printmaking
  • Elizabeth Nesci – Printmaking
  • Hilary Swan – Printmaking

In the third week of the last vacation, the students completed Module 1, with Module 2 and exhibition of their works taking place at the National Art School between the 26 – 30 September.

Congratulations to the students for attaining a place in these selective courses.

Mr Phil Alldis, Head of Visual Arts and Design & Technology


The IGSA Twilight Athletics carnivals take place at Sydney Olympic Stadium on the 22 July, 29 July, 5 August, and the 12 August. Students’ results determine the Athletics Squad that is selected to attend the IGSA Athletics Championships 19 August.

Training remains every Tuesday for Seniors and Thursday for Year 7 and Juniors 4.00pm-5.20pm.

Cross Country
Lucy Gale competed in the 18 Years Cross Country State Championships Friday 22 July at Sydney Eastern Creek Raceway. She placed 9th overall and is now on the reserve list for the National team. Lucy has dedicated a considerable amount of time and effort into her training along with keeping up with her academic endeavors. Lucy commented, “Overall I am so thrilled with my position, to never have been to State to placing 9th and being a reserve to compete at Nationals I could not be happier… I have huge goals with the athletics season ahead”.

We wish you the best of luck with your training Lucy.

The Gymnastics team continue their preparation for the IGSA Gymnastics Championships in Term 4. Training remains at the Mittagong PCYC every Wednesday 4.00pm-5.20pm.

Hockey and Netball
Hockey and Netball commenced this term with students excited about playing again. Please visit Schoolbox for regular draw and weather updates.

Athlete Development Programme
An Athlete Development Programme (ADP) will be commencing every Wednesday 6.15am-7.15am in the gymnasium. This opportunity is available to aspiring athletes who wish to develop their athletic attributes and their sporting pathways to a future in their chosen field.

The ADP is an environment that not only nurtures young talent, but harnesses that potential, instilling our core values of Grit, Gratitude and Good Humour. Students are supported in becoming well-rounded individuals, with a great work ethic and an emphasis on academic enthusiasm. Athletes are continually learning how to get the best out of themselves in all aspects of their education and sporting journey.

The programme consists each week of 60 minutes high performance training involving strength and conditioning training, recovery advice, personal development, and leadership opportunities. 

Snowsports – Northern Regional Competition

The Gib Gate and Frensham Snowsports team comprised – Gib Gate: Mae Gilkeson (Year 6); Emma Andrew, James Macpherson, Tilly Muir and Hannah Wright (Year 5); Lucy Iremonger, Hermione Kingsley and Lucy Wright (Year 2); William Macpherson and Fraser Trenchard-Smith (Year 1). Frensham: Zali de Manincor, Genevieve McLelland, Lola Thomas Hughes, Camilla Willingham (Year 7); Penelope Hampson (Year 8); Isabella Barber, Madeleine Bendror, Lara Bentley, Penelope Cay, Skye McLelland (Year 9); Phoebe Hicks, Luca de Manincor (Year 10); Hannah Bendror, Bella Cay, Jessica Savage (Year 11); Lucy Pernice, (Year 12).

Gib Gate:

  • Alpine: Division 4 - Mae Gilkeson 9th individual result; Division 4 - James Macpherson 5th individual result; Division 6 - Lucy Wright 15th individual result, Hermione Kingsley, Lucy Iremonger - 4th place Team.
  • Ski Cross: Division 4 - Mae Gilkeson 8th Individual result.
Frensham Snowsports Teams with medals


  • Moguls: Division 1: Lucy Pernice (1st individual), Hannah Bendror (10th), Jessica Savage (13th) 1st place team. Division 3: Zali de Manincor, Genevieve McLelland (8th individual).
  • Alpine: Division 1: Hannah Bendror (6th individual), Jessica Savage, Bella Cay, Phoebe Hicks – 5th place team. Division 2: Luca de Manincor (3rd individual), Madeleine Bendror, Penelope Cay – 3rd place team. Division 3: Zali de Manincor (9th individual), Genevieve McLelland (10th), Camilla Willingham, Lola Thomas Hughes – 5th place team.
  • Skicross: Division 1: Lucy Pernice (1st individual), Hannah Bendror (7th), Jessica Savage – 2nd place team; Division 2A: Luca de Manincor (3rd individual), Madeleine Bendror, Phoebe Hicks – 2nd place team; Division 2B: Lara Bentley, Skye McLelland, Penelope Cay – 7th place team; Division 3: Zali de Manincor (6th individual), Genevieve McLelland (9th), Camilla Willingham – 2nd place team. Lola Thomas Hughes (18th individual).
  • Snowboard GS: Division 3: Penelope Hampson (4th individual).
  • Snowboard X: Division 3: Penelope Hampson (5th individual).

Mr Shane Green, Head of Sport (Acting)


This year, Frensham entered a team of 15 riders in the 2022 NSW Interschools Equestrian Championships held at SIEC at Horsley Park from 1 to 7 July. Unfortunately, due to the wet weather the event was cancelled after two days of competition.

Despite very wet conditions, students competed in all disciplines and performed strongly both individually and as a group.

  • Camilla Warner (Year 12) placed 10th overall in the EVA95
  • Cassia Berry (Year 10) 6th overall in the Elementary Dressage
  • Megan Syme (Year 11) came 7th Overall in the Preliminary Dressage
  • Augusta Muir (Year 11) placed 12th in the Preliminary Dressage
  • Olivia Waugh (Year 11) 17th EvA80
  • Matilda Walker (Year 12) 12th EvA80.

The NSW 2022 Australian Interschool Championships are to be staged by Equestrian NSW at Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC) from 25 -29 September 2022. Four horse and rider combinations will be selected for each level for each discipline, based on performances gained at Equestrian Australia affiliated Show Horse competitions, during the period Jul 21 to 3 Jul 22.

There were some other excellent achievements over the vacation.

Augusta Muir (Year 11) was awarded the honour of State Champion Medium pony at the NSW State Youth Dressage Championships. This is an excellent achievement for Augusta who has been a committed Equestrian throughout her time at Frensham. Riding at a Medium level also puts her in the elite sports category for ATAR bonus points at some universities.

Eva Telford (Year 10) has had much success in the show ring winning several Champion Led and Ridden Galloway classes at the Hawkesbury Show and achieving Top 10 in her rider class at the Pacific Coast Hack Championships.

Tia Thomas (Year 9) was awarded Supreme ridden horse and Champion rider at Warren Show and Cassia Berry won open dressage tests at both Goulburn and Bowral Dressage.

Mrs Harriet Houston, Coordinator of Equestrian


  • Ms Sabine Madden, Coordinator of Music Tuition and Gifted and Talented Music students, senior musicians and their professional tutors, for the achievement of an Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) NSW certificate for Top 10 Most Outstanding Accredited School 2021.
  • Award recipients: Girdle: Edwina Barton (Endeavour), Olivia Laverty (Service to School), Isabelle Harrington (Academic Excellence), Holly Horsfall (Service to Performance).
  • Australian Geography Competition award recipients: High Distinction: Augusta Muir, Darcy Maple-Brown, Olivia Huggins, James McBride (Year 11); Sophie Simpson (Year 10); Distinction: Ali Corbett, Edie Staniforth (Year 11); Juliet Harvey (Year 10); Credit: Janna Martin-Cooley, Sarah Partland (Year 11); Chloe Cowley (Year 10).
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award recipients: Bronze: Luca de Manincor, Phoebe Gilder, Matilda Graham, Claudia Hampson, Phoebe Hicks, Penelope Hill, Sylvie Potgieter (Year 10).
  • Gib Gate and Frensham Snowsports team for its success at the recent Northern and Queensland Interschools Snowsports Championships, held during the vacation.
  • Frensham Equestrian team members for success at recent events including the NSW Interschools Equestrian Championships.
  • Augusta Muir (Year 11) awarded State Champion Medium pony at the NSW State Youth Dressage Championships.
  • Lucy Gale (Year 12) for her achievement at in the18 Years Cross Country State Championships.
  • Year 11 Visual Arts students for gaining a place at the National Art School's HSC Intensive Studio Practice course: Painting - Scarlett Alldis, Olivia Waugh; Life Drawing - Heidi Jervis; Printmaking - Cintra Maldonado, Lara McConnochie, Elizabeth Nesci, Hilary Swan; Ceramics - Poppy Paradice.
  • Head of Sturt, Kristie Phelan and Sturt Education Officer, Phoebe Middleton, Friends of Sturt and volunteers for the success, through challenging weather conditions, of the recently held Sturt Winter School.

News of Old Girls

  • Miss Eleanor Swan (2021) has been awarded the Kieran Ricketts Screen Scholarship at Griffith University to support her through her Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production degree.
  • Old Girl and current parent, Mrs Jane Cay (1995), has recently been featured in the eleventh issue of Oak Magazine to discuss her experiences in running one of Australia's biggest fashion success stories, Birdsnest, for over a decade.

Ms Sarah McGarry
Head of Frensham

Head of Frensham Schools