The Future of Education

Pictured: Frensham Schools' mascot, 'Tiny Tonaya from Daffodil Downs', competing at the Gib Gate Athletics Carnival on the Frensham Games Field.

Board of Governors – Executive: Strategic Planning 2-3 August, 2019 – major presentation

‘…not new, just newly important’ (Silva, 2009)

‘The Future of Education: Global and Local Directions; Challenges and Opportunities’

In his presentation to the Board and Executive of Frensham Schools, international curriculum consultant *Dr Phil Lambert offered insight into his work with a number of school systems, including, most recently, in Japan, The Gulf States, The Netherlands, South America, Canada and Australia. From his experience at this high level of debate and influence, Phil could comment on the efforts globally to determine core competencies, and on the response around the world to the 21st century call for education systems to emphasise and develop these competencies in explicit and intentional ways through deliberate changes to curriculum design and pedagogical practice. (See: Ontario, 2016).

In the global list of competencies, commonality includes:

  • Being agile – having the flexibility of mind and the skills/capacity to respond to unknown or unexpected circumstances
  • Being compassionate – committed to reducing violence; respecting others, social cohesion
  • Being innovative – acquiring entrepreneurial and innovative skills and attitudes
  • Being reflective and critical in one’s response – having social entrepreneurial behaviours; pro-social skills
  • Adaptability/Flexibility/Agility – enterprising behaviours
  • Compassion/Empathy/Sympathy/Trust – reducing violence; respect
  • Creativity/Inventiveness/Curiosity – entrepreneurial and innovative skills and attitudes, creating new value
  • Critical thinking – social entrepreneurial behaviours
  • Global mindset/global citizenship/social responsibility – international engagement skills and behaviours
  • ICT skills/Digital literacy
  • Growth mindset/agency/optimism/challenge seeking/self-efficacy/motivated – wellbeing (personal and social)
  • Health and Physical literacy
  • Ethics/Integrity/Fairness – sustainability (environmental; economic)
  • Resilience/Grit – wellbeing
  • Responsibility – obligation to others; pro-environment

It was inspiring to have the opportunity to test our thinking and our strategic priorities against this backdrop.

To support the setting of priorities for 2020 (based on the framework of our Strategic Priorities: 2018-2022) papers were also presented in the following areas:

  • School Governance latest developments (Mr Patrick Duck, Business Manager)
  • Academic Excellence – Academic Writing Project, Growth Coaching (Dr Ruth Phillips, Academic-in-Residence)
  • Curriculum Innovation – 2020 (Mr Geoff Marsh, Deputy Head of Frensham Schools)
  • Professional Learning – Executive Coach; Action Research (Ms Sally Robson, Head of Gib Gate; Ms Kate Chauncy, Director of Teaching and Learning)
  • Staffing in Houses – Future (Ms Julie Gillick, Head of Frensham Schools, Mrs Tanya Vaughan, Director of Boarding)
  • Personalised, Flexible Learning – Future Pathways (Mr Geoff Marsh, Deputy Head of Frensham Schools)
  • WWS Foundation – update/next steps (Ms Jackie Dalton, Director of Philanthropy)
  • Character Education – update/next steps (Ms Wendy Rowan, Director of Special Projects)
  • IT (next steps confirmed) (Mr Gary Palmer, IT Manager – Frensham Schools)
  • Gib Gate – Preschool Start Strong, Curriculum, Innovation – update/next steps (Ms Julie Gillick, Ms Sally Robson)
  • 2035 Master Plan Priorities (Frensham Schools Executive)

*Dr Phil Lambert PSM FACE FACEL: Director, Phil Lambert Consulting Pty Ltd; Adjunct Professor, University of Sydney
Adjunct Professor, Nanjing Normal University; Former General Manager, Australian Curriculum at the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and Regional Director of Schools, Sydney; Dr Lambert is currently supporting curriculum reform efforts in Japan, as expert advisor and researcher for its Innovative Schools Network (ISN) initiative and member of the ISN Advisory Board. He is also Curriculum Expert to the OECD Education 2030.

Acknowledgement to:

  • Recent Girdle recipient Miranda McGufficke (Year 12): Service – Holt Farm;
  • Year 12 – completing their Higher School Certificate Trial Examinations this week with a commendable level of self-management and resilience;
  • Year 9, mid-Global Forum this week (as this Newsletter is published). By the end of their first day, it was clear that the challenges being set for Year 9 are perfectly timed. They were respectful and enthusiastic in their management of the residential environment and warmly appreciative of the varied presentations and activities offered;
  • Maths Challenge High Distinction and Distinction Award recipients: HD - Sarah-Joy Day (Year 8), Grace Lewis, Madeleine Mulligan (Year 10); D - Bella Cay (Year 8);
  • Australian Geography Competition High Distinction and Distinction Award recipients: HD - Sophie Simpson, Miliana Thompson (Year 7); Lucy Arnott, Bella Cay, Darcy Maple-Brown, Eliza Mulligan, Bridie Turner (Year 8). D - Poppy Carter, Cate Horsfall, Zara Maple-Brown (Year 7); Matilda Damiani, Pia D’Rozario, Sissy Fairrie, Olivia Huggins, Zoe Logan, Summer Oxley (Year 8); Sophie Lyne, Molly Staniforth (Year 11); Gina McGinnis (Year 12);
  • Sophie Hatch (Year 11) highest placed Australian show jumping competitor (12th of 50+ riders from 34 countries) at the recent Equestrian German Friendship Games, Herford Germany in the Junior Class (under 19);
  • Ginger Kennett (Year 11) highest single test scorer for an Australian Vaulter at the recent FEI World Vaulting Championships for Juniors;
  • Sophie Mortlock (Year 7) placed 1st in the Advanced Novice Ladies section of the Sydney Figure Skating Club Championships.

Frensham Information Sessions

I look forward to meeting current parents who are sharing in our hosting of Information Sessions over the next three weeks. Please do not hesitate to contact Carole McCormick if you are able to join us. In particular, if you will be in Singapore on the evening of 3 September, we would love to hear from you.

  • Young – Wednesday 14 August (12.00pm-2.00pm)
  • Wagga Wagga – Wednesday 14 August (6.00pm-8.00pm)
  • Sydney – Wednesday 21 August (6.30pm-8.30pm)
  • Head’s Tour (Frensham) – Saturday 31 August, 1.00pm-3.00pm Information Session and Tour
  • Singapore – Tuesday 3 September (6.00pm-8.00pm)

For further information on all events, please contact: Ms Carole McCormick on +61 2 4860 2144 or Email or visit

Julie Gillick
Head of Frensham

Head of Frensham Schools