In the News: Frensham partners with UOW

A new partnership between the School of Education at University of Wollongong (UOW) and Frensham sees UOW teaching students coaching at Frensham and Frensham students accessing STEM resources at UOW. The partnership was initiated and developed by Frensham’s Deputy Head, Mr Marsh, and Director of Special Projects, Mrs Rowan.

The programme involves UOW PDHPE and Mathematics teaching students coaching Sport and Mathematics at Frensham. Conversely, Frensham students will access programmes at UOW’s Science Space and the expertise of the University’s Coding coaches and Extension Science mentors.

Ms Gillick notes about the partnership with University of Wollongong: “Frensham is a school committed to supporting and mentoring future teachers and the partnership with the University will build on that priority. In addition, a large proportion of our students study STEM subjects, so high-level mentoring from UOW in the area of Coding and Science will be of immense benefit to the students’ understanding of the subjects.”

UOW PDHPE student, Kristin Lardner, coaches Cate Horsfall (Year 7) at Softball