Welcome Back!

Return to on-campus learning

A gorgeous handmade, ‘Welcome Back’ sign lovingly created by Preschool, along with a colourful parade of ‘Spoonsville’ characters, created a very warm reception for the Years 2-6 Gib Gate students return to on-campus learning this week. Glorious weather also ensured that all students P-6 enjoyed lots of time outside catching up with their classmates as everyone ran, cartwheeled and laughed, munched on the veggie patch snow peas, played soccer and imaginative games. Our resident Wood Ducks and their large tribes of ducklings caused much delight as they tried to navigate their way across the busy Games Field, and whilst the staff all enjoyed the sound of excited children’s voices and laughter filling the campus once more, the Wood Duck families were rather relieved to have the grounds back to themselves at home time!

Welcome back


Celebrating the return to campus K-6 students embarked on their extensive return to school wellbeing programme, with classes commencing swimming lessons at The Centenary Pool, Tennis with Mr Taylor, enjoying Smiling Minds meditation, Craft sessions with Ms Bolt and everyone is looking forward to culminating our first week back altogether with Friday’s Talk & Walk-a-thon.

Ms Sally Robson, Head of Gib Gate

Gib Gate hosting the Talk-and-Walk-a-Thon on Friday 30 October as part of Mental Health Month




It is important that our children feel safe, connected and supported at school and within the wider community. The Talk and Walk-a-thon has been designed to strengthen this feeling of connection and sense of belonging, allowing students to get to know other students at school.

Students will be invited to stretch their legs and talk about topics ranging from their favourite music, food, movies, sports and more. These topics will encourage peer engagement, help strengthen bonds and allow students to feel connected with people they see every day but may not necessarily know.

The Talk and Walk-a-thon is an initiative by Peer Support Australia, a not-for-profit that has been helping Australian schools build student wellbeing for 50 years. Find out more at peersupport.edu.au/talk-and-walk-a-thon

Talk-and-walk-a-thon Peer Support Australia