Tools & Techniques and Alumni 2 opening

Tools & Techniques and Alumni 2 opening

Approximately 200 people attended Sturt Gallery on Sunday 17 February for the opening of the new exhibition, “Alumni 2”, a showcase of new work by selected graduates of the Sturt School for Wood between the years 2006 and 2016. Raymond Scott from Workshopped spoke eloquently about the value of attending a school like Sturt for the aspiring maker, and the challenges that lie ahead when that maker returns to the real world. Many graduates of the School, from as far back as the 1980s, were in attendance for this terrific event that formed part of the annual Tools & Techniques Weekend. Approximately 1200 people attended tool sales and displays and live demonstrations by some of Australia’s best fine furniture makers and designers.

A Butcher, a Baker and a Bunch of Makers

A new exhibition at Berrima Museum opened on Saturday 16 February with a focus on the makers and artisans of the Southern Highlands. Using high-tech screen technology, the exhibition offers photos and voiceovers of makers across the Highlands and all areas of art and business. Sturt has lent some works from its permanent collection for the exhibition and so, consequently, enjoys a significant profile as the unrivalled home for makers in the Southern Highlands.

Residencies in 2019

Rachel Wood (UK)

In 2019, an exciting programme of Sturt residencies will include an April visit by two artists from Maruku Arts to work in Punu, traditional wood carving and sculpture. We will welcome Rachel Wood from England for a professional residency in ceramics prior to the opening of her Sturt exhibition in September and welcome back furniture designer, Isabelle Moore, from Scotland who will be teaching Term 4 in the School for Wood. Graduate residents for 2019 include jewellery maker, Brooke Coutts-Wood, and furniture maker, Wayne Creaser.

Winter School 2019

Winter School will take place from 8 to 12 July. There are 16 courses on offer for adults plus daily classes for children. The full programme is on the website and the brochure will be out in March. Remember that we offer competitive accommodation and meals packages making the Winter School a unique cultural experience.

Our current exhibition…

ALUMNI 2 – new work by selected graduates from Sturt School for Wood 2006-2016

17 February to 7 April

The Sturt School for Wood was established in 1985 as an intensive training place for aspiring fine furniture makers and designers. Over 30 years later, the School has built a national and international reputation offering an unrivalled course taught by some of the best fine furniture makers and teachers working in Australia and overseas. 

In this follow-up exhibition to our first Alumni exhibition staged in 2017, we will showcase makers who graduated from Sturt in the period 2006 to 2016, a time when the School began to establish a national reputation for the quality of the makers it produced.

Artists include; Isabel Avendano, Chris Bartkus, Phoebe Everill, Ian Factor, Bailey Farmer, Ray Garnsey, Mark Gudgin, Steve Harper, Darryl Ingate, Christopher Neal, Darren Oates, Grant Robertson, Adrian Spano, Ruth Thompson, and Orest Danylak.

Our next exhibition…

Punu – living wood

Walka work and sculptures by artists from Maruku Arts at Uluru. A two week residency by artists will accompany the exhibition and will include a program of demonstrations and workshops for the public.

Full details of all Sturt courses, exhibitions, residency programs and events can be found on our website or to make a booking or enrolment call Sturt Shop on 0248 602083 or email