Prayer Assembly recommenced at Gib Gate last Monday. The theme for this term is Kindness. Messages this week included:

What exactly is kindness?
How can you be kind?
Does it have to be a big act to be more kind or maybe the smallest act can be powerful

Students were asked to consider different ways to be kind and they listened to the picture books, ‘Be Kind’ and ‘Have you Filled a Bucket today?’(Ms McGarry also shared this with Frensham students at the end of Term 2).

The Peer Support Programme last term explored the themes of Relationships and Being Friendly. Year 6 students led small groups of Kindergarten to Year 5 in a range of fun activities to build the messages of Being Friendly; Cooperating and Listening; Being Supportive; Joining in with others and Being a Better Friend. Students explored skills of friendship, specifically those of co-operating and listening; being an active listener; what are the qualities of a good friend and what are the skills needed to maintain friendships and make new friends.

Interschools Snowsports results

The Gib Gate Snowsports Teams had an exciting time in the Northern Division Championships over the vacation with many individuals and teams qualifying for the State Championships this term. Thank you to Mr Green for supporting students and families at the snow.

Gib Gate students at the Interschools Snowsports Championships

Congratulations to the whole team of Mae Gilkeson (Year 6); Emma Andrew, James Macpherson, Tilly Muir and Hannah Wright (Year 5); Lucy Iremonger, Hermione Kingsley and Lucy Wright (Year 2); William Macpherson and Fraser Trenchard-Smith (Year 1).

These students progress to the State Championships; Mae Gilkeson (Year 6) Division 4 Alpine 9th place and Ski Cross 8th place; James Macpherson (Year 5) Division 4 5th place; Lucy Wright Division 6 Alpine 15th place. The Division 6 Team of Lucy Wright, Hermione Kingsley and Lucy Iremonger (Year 2) came in 4th place.

Mrs Anne Graham, Head of Gib Gate (Acting)

Activities and Enrichment

Students are excited about Book Week, which we celebrate at Gib Gate in Week 5, 15-19 August. The theme for Book Week in 2022 is ‘Dreaming with Eyes Open’.

CBCA Book Week 2022: Dreaming with eyes open...

Which books draw you in, making you feel like you are dreaming with eyes open? 

Now is the time for students to start planning their costume which celebrates a character from one of their favourite books for the Character Dress up Day. Every year, we see a wonderful assortment of costumes, with many composed from items found in family members’ and friends’ wardrobes or made from everyday items.

We also look forward to the Book Fair where books can be browsed and purchased.  A certain highlight this year will be a visit from illustrator, Nathanial Eckstrom.  Some of Nathanial's works, include the popular picture books, The Dress-Up Box, Ten Little Figs, and DUCK!

Sample High School Day
All Year 5 students participated in a Sample High School Day at Frensham on Monday, experiencing a range of subjects and experiences over the day including Drama, Design and Technology, Science and French. Students were hosted by Year 10 students for the day and enjoyed lunch in the Frensham Dining Room.

Mr Gregory Hannah, Administration Co-ordinator (Acting)


Having a programme that uses the child’s voice and ideas as a catalyst for learning makes education more relevant, interesting and powerful on many fronts. Child-centred education inspires students to explore what they are most curious about. Children direct their own learning; fostering a curiosity that will stick with them for life. We empower the children to be creative and critical thinkers. Social skills, with their cues and rules, are explored and experimented with as they engage with peers and explore cooperation. The Reggio Emilia philosophy reinforces this concept believing that every child is infinitely capable, creative and intelligent with the job of the teacher being to support these qualities and to challenge them in appropriate ways.

With this philosophy guiding our programme, when a child suggested we have a bike day, we were listening. Collaborative plans were made for the Bike Day with the children.

Bike Day at Preschool

Following on from bike day, a bicycle was added to the art table. The children observed the bike, noting different features and details, such as the wires for the brakes, chains and wheel rims. This drawing experience prompted discussions about Bike Day and conversations flowed freely with many bike-related theories as the children drew.

Edward: It’s me on my bike. That’s the chain. The chain makes the wheels go round.

William: The spokes keep it altogether. On the arch it joins. Mum isn’t on it yet because she’s on a walk – then she will be on her bike. It’s got brakes so if she goes too fast, she can stop.

Lizzy: I didn’t know how to do the little spikes on the tyre. That bit covers the wheel, so the mud doesn’t splash on you.

Grace: I did the wheels and the spikey bits. There was a basket see and it’s me next to the bike.

Harry: Did you know my Mum has a new bike and a new helmet.  Now we can go on a ride together. I like that.

James: I see the pedal. My light on my bike fell off.

Peter: The tyres are flat!

Lucas: It’s Mummy’s bike. I sit on my Mummy’s bike at the back on a seat.

Mrs Tinna Loker, Preschool Co-ordinator