‘Extra’ that is ‘Core’

Making the most of every day

Everyday at Frensham we run a schedule from 6am to 9pm. Within these hours, we’re considerate of the need to give students the right kind of freedom to learn, grow and enjoy themselves. In fact, we encourage them to be self-reliant and responsibly manage their work.

The days are balanced and there is plenty of time to study, do extra curricular activities and have fun with friends. Importantly, the full week schedule brings staff and students together and strengthens the community that makes Frensham so unique.

Friday Nights at Frensham

At the end of a busy school week, students unwind with games and activities on Friday nights. Led by Year 12 students, boarders attend themed dinner parties, hold games nights, quizzes and every possible kind of dance, disco, and skit night imaginable.


Every Saturday, the whole school gets involved in sports – either playing or cheering on our teams. On Sundays Year 12 girls lead the Sunday Services and reflect on the happenings, both big and small, at the School.