Character Education

Frensham is one of Australia’s most respected independent schools for girls. Our students live and learn in a spectacular environment where ‘everyone’s a boarder... not everyone sleeps over’. As they grow in compassion, they learn to lead, understanding their capacity to make a real difference.

Our educational approach helps students attain this, and carries with it the understanding that: ‘...a teacher’s work is not to dominate but to inspire, not to mould but to awaken, not to control, but to set free.’  (Winifred West, 1973)

Frensham is breaking new ground for Australian schools, benchmarking outcomes against global standards:

  • We expect students to strive to be physically, mentally and spiritually fit for the future.
  • We inspire students to rise to the intellectual life around them, and to thrive in terms of character and leadership.
  • We support students to work together to embrace challenge and to celebrate each other’s achievements.

Character in Action

Frensham graduates are confident, respectful, curious, creative, and grounded. Inspired by a strong sense of purpose, they understand that the challenge, ‘In Love, Serve One Another’, calls on them to develop their talents and use them to make a meaningful contribution, for the common good. Throughout their lives, our graduates demonstrate the skills and willingness to make a positive difference in the world.

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Futurists say what the world needs most is high-functioning young people – emotionally intelligent, with strong self-management skills and respect for others’ points of view.

The best schools in the world are examining character education in depth. The OECD and the Centre for Curriculum Redesign’s 4-dimensional model of education places ‘Character’ at the core of the work of education – as an essential, unifying competency for global citizens in a 21st Century context.