Academic Excellence

A (re)defined education

We want students to thrive. With the belief that students rise to the intellectual life around them, Frensham creates a culture designed to inspire intellectual and emotional growth in maturity.

Our curriculum is personalised and flexible, and we benchmark our academic outcomes for students and the School against global standards.

A progressive approach

The world is more connected than ever. Entire industries are changing and new ones are emerging every year. In response, we are strengthening links internationally and re-defining our curriculum to future-proof our School.

Teachers to inspire

Truly great schools are underpinned by outstanding teachers. Frensham teachers are known for their professionalism and expertise, and they value the fact that their professional learning is delivered by leading researchers and practitioners from around the world.

A teacher's work is not to dominate but to inspire, not to mould but to awaken, not to control but to set free.

Winifred West, 1973