Higher School Certificate

Frensham HSC 2018

To the credit of our teachers, the 2018 analysis of individual results confirms student confidence in studying a personalised course pattern; in every subject outcomes have met or exceeded expectations, based on our ongoing data analysis of student achievement.  

Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) highlights

  • Ella Pratt achieved Frensham’s top ATAR of 99.2
  • Approx. 30%* of Year 12 have achieved an ATAR above 90 (half above 95)
  • Approx. 50%* of Year 12 have achieved an ATAR above 85
  • 61%* of Frensham students (compared to 10% in NSW) gained a ‘top Band’ result in at least one course
  • Ella Pratt gained a Premier’s Award for ‘top Band’ results in at least 10 units: English and English Extension, Mathematics and Mathematics Extension, Biology, Modern History, History Extension (11 units)
  • Extension studies were undertaken by 46% of Year 12 (extremely high %)
    (English, Mathematics, History, Languages, Music are the only Extension courses offered in NSW)  
  • Top Course Results (/100):
    • Mathematics Extension 2 – Gabrielle Steiner (notional Band 6)
    • Mathematics – Ella Pratt (96)
    • Mathematics General 2 – Catherine Talbot (98), Antoinette Inglis (95)
    • Drama – Caroline Gotterson (96), Stella Wilde (96)
    • Music 1 – Nina Jephcott (96), Tara Penton (96)
    • Visual Arts – Alice Battcock (98), Chloe Hickson (96)

*** 40% of Frensham’s Year 12 students had an offer of a tertiary place prior to release of ATAR results ***

*ATAR is not published to the School – results are calculated using professional software

Distinguished Achievers

Distinguished Achievers are students with results in the top Band in a particular subject. (Band 6 level - 90+/100 in 2 unit courses or E4 level - 45+/50 in Extension courses)

Frensham’s HSC cohort comprised 50 Year 12 students, including one student completing Pathways HSC over two years, plus one Year 11 accelerant.

  • Yasmin Barakat-Brown: Mathematics General 2
  • Alice Battcock: English Extension 1, Mathematics, Visual Arts
  • Celia Battcock: Mathematics
  • Adele Bouniol-Laffont (Year 11): French Extension (2018), French Continuers (2017)
  • Lucy Brigstocke: Design and Technology
  • Isabella Camilleri: Mathematics, Visual Arts
  • Desiree Chan: Biology, Mathematics General 2, French Extension, French Continuers (2017)
  • Ruby Cleary: Agriculture, Biology
  • Georgia Gardner: Drama
  • Caroline Gotterson: Ancient History, Drama, Mathematics General 2
  • Isabella Harris: English Advanced, English Extension 1, Visual Arts
  • Tiger Lily Herrington: Visual Arts
  • Chloe Hickson: Biology, Visual Arts
  • Phoebe Hill: Visual Arts
  • Elisabeth Holcombe: Mathematics General 2
  • Elysia Horan: Modern History
  • Antoinette Inglis: Drama, Mathematics General 2
  • Nina Jephcott: Mathematics, Music 1, Visual Arts
  • Stella Lowden: Mathematics
  • Emily Mackie: Mathematics General 2
  • Molly Paradice: Design and Technology, Drama
  • Tara Penton: Design and Technology, English Advanced, Music 1
  • Ella Pratt: Biology, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Modern History, History Extension. Premier’s Award: ‘All-Round Achiever’
  • Georgia Richardson: Visual Arts, Music Extension
  • Chipo Riva: Drama
  • Charlie Rogers: Visual Arts
  • Katchmirr Russell: English Extension 2
  • Gabrielle Steiner: Chemistry, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2 (Notional Band 6)
  • Sabrina Stephenson: Biology, English Extension 1, French Continuers, French Extension
  • April Stokman: Design and Technology, Mathematics General 2
  • Catherine Talbot: Mathematics General 2, Music 1, Visual Arts
  • Stella Wilde: Drama, Visual Arts

Higher School Certificate Highlights

  • National Art School’s HSC Intensive Studio Practice (selective entry): Alice Battcock, Lucy Brigstocke, Darcey Gwynn-Jones, Phoebe Hill, Stella Wilde
  • Nominated for ENCORE HSC Concert (Music): Tara Penton 
  • Nominated for ARTEXPRESS HSC Exhibition (Visual Arts): Alice Battcock (selected), Isabella Camilleri, Chloe Hickson, Stella Wilde (selected)
  • Nominated for SHAPE HSC Exhibition (Design & Technology): Lucy Brigstocke, Zoe Hamilton, Tara Penton
  • Nominated for ONSTAGE Performance of HSC Drama Monologues: Caroline Gotterson, Antoinette Inglis, Chipo Riva (selected)
  • Selected for display at ONSTAGE Performance of HSC Drama (Design Costume): Molly Paradice

Other Highlights ~ Year 12 Achievements

  • Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award: Harriet Alker, Isabella Camilleri, Chloe Hickson, Nina Jephcott, Eliza Treloar
  • International Latin Competition: Katchmirr Russell (Gold Medal)
  • Commonwealth Bank Australian Mathematics Competition: Gabrielle Steiner (High Distinction)
  • National Geography Competition: Katchmirr Russell (Distinction)
  • IGSSA, Combined Independent Schools, and NSW U20 State Team: Antoinette Inglis (Cross Country)
  • NSW Interschools Equestrian Championships: Elysia Horan (NSW Captain for Nationals), Antoinette Inglis (NSW Team selection), April Stokman (NSW Team) ~ Frensham was Champion School in NSW for the 6th year in succession
  • NSW Interschools Snowsports National level competitors: Tara Penton, Catherine Talbot
  • AMEB Music Studies at Grade 6+ level: Alice Battcock, Celia Battcock, Lucy Brigstocke, Isabella Camilleri, Ruby Cleary, Phoebe Hill, Elysia Horan, Nina Jephcott, Isabella Letherbarrow-Verran, Tara Penton, Ella Pratt, Georgia Richardson, Frances Ryan, Sabrina Stephenson, Catherine Talbot, Stella Wilde
  • City of Sydney Eisteddfod 1st and 2nd placings – Frensham Madrigals: Caroline Gotterson, Phoebe Hill, Nina Jephcott, Isabella Letherbarrow-Verran, Sophia Parker, Georgia Richardson, Frances Ryan, Catherine Talbot
  • Mittagong ANZAC DAY Service, Youth Address: Katchmirr Russell, Georgia Saeck 
  • Head On Photo Awards: Stella Wilde (finalist)
  • Virginia Cuppaidge Scholarship (Visual Arts): Alice Battcock
  • Ruby Mowle Scholarship (Music): Nina Jephcott
  • Roma Dix Scholarship (Musicianship): Georgia Richardson
  • Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award: Caroline Gotterson