Higher School Certificate

Frensham HSC 2020

Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) highlights
  • Frensham’s highest achievers gained ATARs of 99.0 
  • 5% of Year 12 achieved an ATAR above 98
  • 42% of Year 12 achieved an ATAR above 85 
  • 66% of Year 12 achieved an ATAR above 80
  • Sybella Harris and Gianni Meyers gained a Premier’s Award for ‘top Band’ results in at least 10 units
  • Extension studies were undertaken by 42% of Year 12 – with excellent results (English, Mathematics, History, Languages, Music, Science are the Extension courses offered in NSW)
  • In published media ranking of girls’ schools, non-selective schools and boarding schools out of Sydney, Frensham’s cohort has again ranked first

The Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) is not published to the School – results are calculated using professional software

100% – every student in Year 12 has a tertiary entry offer or confirmed place in a course of her choice. As at 18/12/20, we are aware of student offers to the following universities in courses listed below.

National: ANU | CSU | MQU | NAS | UC | UNIMELB | UNE | UNSW | UNDA | USYD | UTS | UOW 
International: Durham (England) | Hollins (USA) | St Andrews (Scotland)

B Actuarial Studies, B Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science), B Architecture, B Arts/B Laws, B Creative Intelligence and Innovation, B Business/B Economics, B Business (Marketing), B Business (Sport Management), B Communications/Laws, B Computer Science, B Education, B English (Hons)/B Mathematics, B Event & Tourism Management, B Engineering, B Fine Art, B Health and Medical Science, B International Studies/B Laws, B Medical and Health Sciences, B Medical Radiation Science (Diagnostic Radiography), B Nursing, B Physiotherapy, B Politics, Philosophy and Economics, B Psychology (Honours), B Science (Physics & Philosophy), B Science/B English Literature, B Veterinary Studies, B Visual Arts.

Distinguished Achievers

Distinguished Achievers are students with results in the top Band in a particular subject. (Band 6 level - 90+/100 in 2 unit courses or E4 level - 45+/50 in Extension courses)

Frensham’s HSC cohort comprised 65 Year 12 students and one Year 11 accelerated student. 62% of Year 12 gained at least one ‘top Band’ result. 23% of Frensham results vs 5.47% (median in NSW) were in the ‘top Band’.

  • Frances Alldis: Design & Technology, Visual Arts
  • Samantha Argent: Visual Arts
  • Emily Baldwin: Visual Arts
  • Harriette Beedle: Visual Arts
  • Cordelia Bell: Design & Technology
  • Anika Berkelouw: Mathematics Standard 2, Visual Arts
  • Annika Blackman: Visual Arts
  • Millicent Bolger: Music 1
  • Abigail Clark: Agriculture, PDHPE
  • Dimity Crowe: Agriculture
  • Ella Cullen: Ancient History
  • Annabella Damiani: Music 1
  • Eliza Duck: Biology
  • Charlotte Dulhunty: Design & Technology, Visual Arts
  • Caitlin Hargraves: Design & Technology, Drama, Music 1
  • Sybella Harris: Ancient History, English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Modern History, Visual Arts ~ Premier’s Award: ‘All-Round Achiever’
  • Hannah Hartnell: Mathematics Advanced
  • Alice Hayes: Design & Technology
  • Mim Hopkins: Agriculture, Biology
  • Mia Horsfall: English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2 (Notional Band 6)
  • Chanel Huang: Music 1
  • Phillipa Ireson: Agriculture, Design & Technology
  • MacKenzie Johnson: Visual Arts
  • Lucinda Kelleher: Biology, Design & Technology, English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1
  • Claudia Logan: Design & Technology
  • Sophie Lyne: Geography, Mathematics Advanced, Visual Arts
  • Sarah Manwaring: Ancient History, English Advanced, Latin Continuers, Latin Extension
  • Grace McKinley: Ancient History, Drama, English Advanced, Modern History
  • Mairi Menzies: Music 1
  • Gianni Meyers: English Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2 (Notional Band 6), Modern History, Music 1, Visual Arts ~ Premier’s Award: ‘All-Round Achiever’
  • Heidi Montgomery: Agriculture, Biology, Mathematics Advanced, Visual Arts
  • Clementine Paradice: Visual Arts
  • Gracie Phelan: Design & Technology
  • Adelaide Poulos: Visual Arts
  • Christina Richardson: Drama
  • Molly Staniforth: Biology, Geography, Mathematics Advanced, PDHPE
  • Mimi Stewart: Visual Arts
  • Tamara Unsworth: Ancient History
  • Brodie van Egmond: Drama
  • Cate Watson: Music 1
Higher School Certificate Highlights
  • Nominated for ENCORE HSC Concert (Music): Annabella Damiani (singing), Chanel Huang (violin)
  • Nominated for ARTEXPRESS HSC Exhibition (Visual Arts): MacKenzie Johnson, Gianni Meyers (selected), Heidi Montgomery, Clementine Paradice
  • Nominated for SHAPE HSC Exhibition (Design & Technology): Frances Alldis, Charlotte Dulhunty, Alice Hayes
  • Nominated for ONSTAGE Performance (Drama): Millicent Bolger, Christina Richardson (Monologues)
  • National Art School’s HSC Intensive Studio Practice (selective entry): Frances Alldis, Charlotte Dulhunty, Mim Hopkins, Sophie Lyne, Mairi Menzies
Frensham Year 12 2020 ~ Other Highlights
  • Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award: Abigail Clark, Mabel Gowland, Hannah Hartnell, Alice Hayes, Pip Ireson, Tamara Unsworth
  • Equestrian National and/or International Representation: Emily Baldwin, Sophie Hatch, MacKenzie Johnson (Showjumping), Ginger Kennett (Vaulting)
  • IGSSA Softball Team: Charlotte Brigstocke 
  • NSW State Hockey Championships: Allie Broun, Charlotte Menzies
  • Illawarra Academy Hockey Squad: Allie Broun, Charlotte Menzies
  • Snow Australia 2020 Interschool Snowsports Honour Roll: Dimity Crowe, Charlotte Dulhunty, Daisy Latimer 
  • AMEB Music Studies at Grade 6+ level: Aarthi Avvari, Harriette Beedle, Cordelia Bell, Millicent Bolger, Phoebe Coupland, Annabella Damiani, Mabel Gowland, Olivia Hamilton, Caitlin Hargraves, Sybella Harris, Ella Haydock, Alice Hayes, Mim Hopkins, Chanel Huang, Daisy Latimer, Olivia MacDiarmid, Sarah Manwaring, Grace McKinley, Mairi Menzies, Gianni Meyers, Heidi Montgomery, Lillie Morrison, Clementine Paradice, Christina Richardson, Annabelle Seaton-Cooper, Cate Watson
  • Year 12 Madrigals for their major contribution to recordings for 2020 School Services: Millicent Bolger, Annabella Damiani, Sybella Harris, Chanel Huang, Grace McKinley, Mairi Menzies, Clementine Paradice, Cate Watson
  • National Latin Examination Gold Medal: Sarah Manwaring
  • National Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards 2020 - Highly Commended: Mia Horsfall
  • Frensham Schools Permanent Collection (Photography): Harriet Beedle, Claudia Logan
  • Ruby Mowle Scholarship (Music): Caitlin Hargraves
  • Roma Dix Scholarship (Musicianship): Chanel Huang
  • 2020 ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award: Charlotte Menzies
  • 2020 ADF Future Innovators Award: Mia Horsfall
  • Certificate III in Tourism, Travel and Events: Alexandra Broun (Highly Commended)
  • Agriculture – Beef Paraders State Final Qualifiers: Daisy Latimer, Dimity Crowe
  • Agriculture – Young Judges State Final Qualifiers: Mim Hopkins, Dimity Crowe
  • United Nations Youth Young Diplomats National Conference (student leader) & Young Diplomats Tour – Selected: Gracie Phelan
  • UNICEF NSW Youth Summit on Living with Drought – Selected: Pip Ireson
  • Burn Bright National Leadership Camp – Selected Mentor: Gabrielle Metua

~ Frensham Year 12, 2020 ~

Congratulations on your achievements, leadership and contribution!