Looking After the Environment

Phillip the donkey

Set on 178 hectares in the spectacular Southern Highlands, the bushland surrounding Frensham not only shapes the School’s character, but the character of the girls who call it home. During their time here, students develop a deep appreciation of the natural world that surrounds them.

Holt Farm

The School has one of the few on-campus farms in Australia. It is a unique resource in which Agriculture students grow and harvest vegetables, raise and train show cattle and sheep, and manage the daily operations of a working farm.

Environmental care

A core part of the Jamieson Programme is that students take action to protect the environment. Working with the local council, Frensham is part of the Community Environment Network and the School’s grounds are a designated Land for Wildlife area.

As part of this commitment, we care for the natural habitat and native animals that also call Frensham home.

As part of our program to rehabilitate orphaned animals, in 2016 the School rescued Phillip the donkey. Now employed as the School’s shepherd, he watches over the small flock of ewes and lambs here at Frensham.