Jamieson Programme

Frensham’s Jamieson Programme is built on the belief that exposure to challenges in a secure environment can awaken in young people a belief in themselves that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Adolescence can be a time for pushing boundaries and risk-taking. Our Jamieson Programme addresses one of the most important questions we consider as educators: ‘What is worth learning in a complex and rapidly changing world?’ (David Perkins, Harvard University, 2014)

With a focus on health and fitness, critical and ethical thinking, service and leadership, the Jamieson Programme helps girls gain confidence and courage to deal with the unfamiliar territory ahead. It also challenges students to consider the difference they can make, individually and as part of a group, when exploring real social, political and environmental issues.

In addition to participating in service learning and a rigorous outdoor activity schedule, students in engage in a bespoke and explicitly taught programme, inspired by our Character Education Framework in Years 7-10:

Year 7: students engage in ‘Frensham Studies’, a year-long programme in which they broaden their knowledge of the history of Frensham and their role in its story.

Year 8: students learn about developing strength of character, grit and supporting the attainment of excellence, as well as features of self-confidence and assurance, learning how to reflect on their own character and their impact on others.

Cambridge International SchoolYear 9: students broaden their perspectives as they complete the Cambridge IGCSE Global perspectives course, providing opportunities for enquiry into, and reflection upon, key global issues from a personal, local, national and global perspective.

Year 10: students engage in a broad range of leadership opportunities, as well as completing the Cambridge IGCSE History or Geography Courses.

We are emerging as global thinkers who do not just picture our own lives but consider the perspectives of others. (Year 8)

You don’t have to do something extraordinary in your life to make a change in the world; little steps can have a big impact. (Year 9)