Boarding at Frensham is a way of life

Boarding at Frensham is a wonderful experience where valued friendships are formed.

With over 70 percent of students in residence, our boarding tradition sets us apart. We are the only school in Australia with a full-day tailored programme across the entire week, with each year group’s needs and interests catered for differently.

Along with sport on weekends, boarders have fixed study times, evening workshops, academic coaching and dedicated time for music practice. Balancing a full weekend schedule is important personal time for optional activities, reading, and relaxation with friends.

Teachers are on campus throughout the week for support and guidance, and students are encouraged to work independently and manage their time responsibly.

In this unique environment, each student is encouraged to be active and compassionate in recognising the needs of others, responding with generosity and integrity, and leading by example.

Enjoy this glimpse of what it means to be a Frensham student by watching the short video below.

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I love boarding. It's a bit like one long sleepover.

Frensham is a place that inspires and encourages and helps you to fulfil your dreams while having fun on the way.

Year 7 students